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In addition to our "Limitless Sessions"

*Unique Services*

*Shamanic Healing Modalities (with Maria or Samantha)* 

The majority of our healing work is "Shamanic" based because we recognize that we're ALL from ONE energy, with individual & unique systems. The following two modalities of Maria & Samantha's specialties directly relate to Ancient Shamanic Traditions: 

*Psychopomp/ Death Doula*

  • Time & price varies for actively dying persons or those in a comatose state, as this is a very individualized modality, thus a 15-minute consultation is required first. Contact HERE

  • $200 for 1-1.5 hours to crossover a Soul who is already deceased. Please note, if we have found that the soul has already crossed over there will be no charge unless you want a Mediumship reading to connect with them.  

If your loved one is on life support, in a coma or actively dying, both Maria and Samantha can communicate with that person's Higher Self/Soul to see what Spirit recommends and what is best for that individual's journey. Please note, each Soul has their own Divine path- some return to the body to "wake-up" & continue living out a physical existence, some return for a short time to die on their own terms & others choose to pass on to the Spiritual Realm once they've found a sense of peace within.  

This modality is all about providing the Soul with peace (whether they have already passed, are actively dying, and/or are in between states of consciousness- - i.e., coma). It also helps to bring clarity, comfort & support to their loved ones. For a more detailed description please see our FAQ's page











*Soul Igniter Healing*

(Also referred to as Shamanic Soul Retrieval)

  • $444 in total 4-5 sessions (can pay this in increments)​


Have you ever felt like you lost your “spark” or passion for life? Ever felt that void inside? These are very common emotions for most humans because we all endure trauma within our lives.  It’s important to note that ‘trauma' is perceived differently by each person- so there is no level to judge or compare our experiences to another’s. What happens when we undergo trauma (of any magnitude), is that our minds & bodies get pulled out of alignment, thus becoming further disconnected from our Soul/Spirit (the pure & eternal essence of who we truly are). In turn, our human selves can get “caught or stuck” in the trauma consciously & unconsciously. We suppress or “hide” our Soul away as a defense mechanism of the mind. But by “pushing away our Light” we can often get stuck in the darkness of the experience of the trauma(s), essentially perpetuating more suffering for ourselves. This can lead to a plethora of feelings & physical imbalances- such as sadness/depression, grief, anxiety, cynicism, fear, anger, illness/disease, self-destructive patterns & behaviors etc.


In the “Soul Igniter” modality we assist clients in rekindling their fire within. With the guidance of Spirit, we’re able to help you acknowledge these hidden traumas/wounds from the perspective of your Higher Self/Soul, which reconnects you with that pure essence/light (that never went away- but was lying dormant underneath all the pain). The Soul sheds “light” on these traumas & most importantly, brings forth the lessons you wanted to learn from these experiences (prior to incarnating in this life, as well as past ones). It helps to bring clarity, break karmic patterns/cycles & provides immense amounts of healing by alchemizing the pain into wisdom & love. “Soul Igniter” brings the darkness to light so you can begin to heal on an extremely deep level & start living a vibrant & fulfilling life!  



This modality takes approximately 4-5 sessions (based on individual needs) to complete full integration of all energy shifts. There is consent, prep-work, light energy healing & power animal/Sprit Guide retrieval required prior to beginning the Soul Igniter Healings. Please email either Maria or Samantha for further information & booking details. Let’s re-light YOUR fiery passion within!


Contact Maria for booking

Contact Samantha for booking

*Intro to Shamanic Journeying*

  • $200 for 2 hours (1st session): This initial 2-hour session is a great way to learn the basics of Shamanic journeying. We will cover intention setting, how to journey to the lower, middle & upper worlds & you'll learn how to retrieve your very own power animal & Spirit guide- who are always there, supporting you throughout life. Shamanic journeying is a great supplement to other meditative practices, as well as a wonderful way to learn meditation & the true power of intention setting. We will cover a great deal in these 2-hours, thus it is strongly recommend reading the following book: "Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide" by Sandra Ingerman (prior to the 1st session), so that you have a foundational understanding of what to expect. 

  • $88 for 1 hour (additional sessions): This is for people who have already taken the initial intro to journeying with me and want to continue to build on their current practice, as well as gain a deeper connection with their Guides.

*Deep Soul Symbol*

  • $122 This is mailed to your residence, so there's no specific time slot for a session, but once you book this, we will contact you for your address and complete it within 72 hours. Once booked, we connect to your Soul/Higher self and draw the symbol that you set up before incarnating here on Earth. This symbol will ignite a divine awakening within, to help support your current life & evolving path forward. This may or may not come with a reading (depending on what you & Spirit put in place). This is YOUR UNIQUE symbol, which is like a "trademark" of your Soul. 

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*Sessions with both Samantha & Maria*

*Yin-Yang Limitless Soul Session* 

TWO healers in ONE empowering session

  • $244 for 1-hourThis service is done by Samantha & Maria @ the same time; therefore, you get DOUBLE the wisdom, love, guidance & healing! You can choose how the hour is utilized (readings, healing and/or both); or just allow Spirit to flow through 2 Shamanic practitioners to deliver the healing wisdom & guidance that your Soul is calling for! These are extremely potent sessions. 

*Monopoly of Light Healing Session (for COVID Vaccine/Booster/Virus)*

  • $255 for 1st 1.5 hours: 1st part includes an intuitive body scan to see where the virus/shot reside in the body and where energies have shifted within the client (i.e., dormant or overt symptoms, potential issues in the future etc.) along with guidance for continued healing process

  • $85 each for 2 follow-up sessions; Please note, if Soul igniter healing is recommended per Spirit, there will be an additional $177 required. 

This service is completed by Samantha & Maria together in the 1st session​. This "new age" form of Psychopomp is an EXTREMELY powerful modality channeled to Samantha by her Guides for the human collective @ this time. The intention of this service is to help your body recalibrate its DNA structure, molecules, internal metals, hormones and to alchemize dense & "low frequency" energies that negatively impact your body as a result of toxins from the shots and/or residual effects of the actual virus. If you are having "post-shot and/or virus" symptoms, have regrets about getting the shots and/or are at odds with it & your body, then THIS is the healing session for YOU! We'll discuss steps that you can take to support your healing- we connect w/ Spirit & your body, start the recalibration process and clearing of energies, while giving you tools and wisdom to work with your own inner healing intelligence moving forward. If interested please email us & mention when you received the shot (or had the virus), any concerns you have & dates/times you're available. 

*Sessions with Maria only*

*Introduction to Energy & The Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation*

  • $111 for 1 hour: In this 60-minute workshop, Maria gives a brief overview of the energy centers within the body & the amazing health benefits of meditation. She also includes a 22-minute heart centered guided meditation for participants to share in, as well as allows time @ the end to ask questions. This is a very basic & easy-to-follow presentation of energy & mindfulness, that was recently delivered to a group of Senior citizens @ an Assisted-Living Facility, with much positive feedback. Sessions are available for booking via Zoom. Will also do in-person workshops to places in AZ w/in a 50-mile radius for an additional travel fee of $44.00.

*Private Event/Party*

  • Price varies on amount of people & travel distance Maria offers LIMITLESS reading/healing sessions for private events/in-home parties in the AZ area, for 4+ people. Pricing is based on group size & travel distance. Please EMAIL MARIA HERE for further details & to book this service.  

*Sessions with Samantha only*

*Personalized Channeled Healing Activation Meditation w/ Short Written Intuitive Reading*

Samantha will receive a POTENT channeled meditation embedded w/ individualized healing frequencies from the client's Higher Self. She then sends the mp3 recording of this powerful activation, along with a short-written Spirit-guided reading/message via email. Every meditation will be "custom" channeled w/ specific healing intention for each individual client, so this is a very powerful tool that can be used throughout YOUR ascension journey, because it's unique to the blueprint of YOUR Soul's path. You can click here to book (choose anytime for booking purposes, however it won't be completed @ that time so please allow at least 7 days from booking to receive the meditation)

*Chakra Aura Energy Scan*

Once this service is purchased, within 72 hours Samantha will email you back a picture that illustrates your chakras, any imbalances within them, any areas of concern, energy blocks/intrusions as well as any guides (power animals, angels, Spirit guides etc.) that are with you & advice from Spirit to support your well-being. She will type out clearly all that came through when she connected to you, including Spirit guidance and/or record it in mp3 form based on Spirits guidance. These are great sessions done distantly, especially for those who don't have much time & are looking for deeper meaning/ tools to what's going on with their well-being. Samantha spends about 60-minutes on this service & does some energy clearing while connected to your chakras as well. 

*Organ Sweep*


*Moms To-Be*​

  • $121 for 1 hour​: Pregnant moms who want a little extra bonding to bring you even closer on a deep soul level, as well as time to disconnect from the external world and connect inward with your new soon-to-be world then this is for you. In this session Samantha finds if there are any karmic ties, and/or ancestral wounds that need to be cleared, which helps both mom and baby (and ancestors) live a more fulfilling life because old connections are now brought into the light of the divine. Wisdom/Guidance from Spirit may come through during this session as well.  

*Couples Healing*

  • $230 for 1 hour: This is for partners, parent/child, siblings, friends etc.- essentially any relationship where 2 people want to strengthen their bond, support each other in releasing and clearing trauma, understand their past lifes together, & hold the light for one another. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and another person you love. Energy work is done on both people then a reading with guidance follows based on the desires of the session and what spirit recommends is in the highest and best interest for both people. Both people need to agree to the session prior to booking. (If each person had a hour session $288)

*Melchezidek Method Triple Hologram*​​

  • $66 for 30-minutes: High God/Source frequency healing that works with your meridians, elemental bodies, nervous system and Soul blueprint


Want to do something "just because," or have an event/party coming up that you want to be different, unique and full of love? Samantha offers to do parties for 4+ people with discounted Limitless Sessions (reading of any kind &/or energy healing $50). She can start off w/ a group gathering circle of clearing and centering everyone's energy & do individual 20-minute or group readings. Email for further details.  Nonrefundable deposit $77 which goes towards travel/time. 


*House Clearing*

  • $200 (not including travel). Are you buying a new home, already moved, did renovations, are a small business owner or have a new office space? Or maybe you've gone through some intense emotional struggles/breakups where you live & need some revamping, perfect then this is for you :) To really bring in the good juju and to support your space in how you desire, it's important to clear out the stagnant & lower residual energy that no longer serves you. During this process, Samantha communicates with the land, spirits, and your space to gather wisdom and then do clearing and cleansing, as well as intention setting for what you desire out of your space. *This is NOT a form of demonic removal a.k.a. de-possession, but rather a clearing of the energy that is not yours. It is not to remove the loving spirits that are there but to bond with their energy in your space so you can make the space the best for you and your intentions. It's a way for you to work with the energy of your space/land in a cohesive partnership, & it's truly beautiful because where we spend our time and feel at home is essential to a healthy mind, body & soul. There is a travel fee, and you must already own/rent the space of which you are seeking clearing with. Price starts at $200 & depending on the space/size of it will depend on the amount of time spent clearing/cleansing and intention setting. For more info send an email & mention the location. *Limited to MA, NH, RI, Cape Cod. CLICK HERE 2 BOOK- - OR EMAIL HERE & LETS CLEAR, CONNECT & BE!

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