Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC

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We want to inspire people,
not by showing them our superpowers,
but by showing them theirs! 

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This business was born out of the hearts of two nurses, Samantha & Maria that have a GENUINE healing vision for humanity. Their mission is to work with the energy of the Universe & Their souls to be of service to others. while stepping “outside of the box” of the mainstream healthcare system & into their knowledge & experience in both modern day Nursing & ancient energy healing practices they offer a holistic & evidence-based perspective of health & wellness.


"Our goal is to help people remember their OWN unique talents, gifts and innate wisdom. We offer multiple different healing modalities that provide support, love and guidance for those who seek the light within & those who are looking to connect with the light all around. our mission is to empower and bring peace to the lives of others- mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We believe in order to truly 'heal' we need to look within so we want to help you become aware of all the light, love, wisdom, and tools within you, and guide you on how to use them, so that you too can live a life that fulfills your whole being- mind, body & soul. By Leading A life OF HEALTH & WELLNESS YOU BRING healing ENERGY to those around you and to all of humanity. We all have choices in life but often allow the FEAR OF the unknown to STOP US FROM GROWING, CHANGING & HEALING. we are here to provide you with guidance & support AS YOU AWAKEN TO THE LIGHT of soul evolution. Let us ALL heal AS A COLLECTIVE & start living a life of harmonious balance. We love you. We honor you, WE SEE YOU."- Sam & Maria



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Two nurses with ONE healing vision of merging holistic medicine, ancient wisdom, and light from their hearts to illuminate souls and expand consciousness, through various modalities including Health & Wellness/Life Coaching.

We have a deep desire to bring peace & balance to humanity. 

We are both Registered Nurses (oncology & hospice), certified Intuitive Spirit Mediums, Akashic Record Readers & Shamanic Practitioners a.k.a. "Medicine Women," or 2 humans with old souls, that have deep connections to the Spirit realm and to Earth.  Past life reading/healing, Soul Igniter Healing, Ancestral clearing, Energy Work, Intuitive Aura Scans, Soul Purpose Symbols, Loved one and Angelic communication, & Psychopomp are among our many specialties! 

Fun Facts about the owners:  Dog moms, nurses, like pickles & cheese, enjoy the sky at all phases but get lost in the sunsets and stars. They met at meditation class & had an instant connection; then Samantha read Maria at a flower reading and gave her insight into her biological family and ironically they both brought in the same looking flower without knowing one another. They both have prophetic visions, understand everyone has their own path, thus respect each person's individual journey. They've had many past lives together where they were either burned, drowned, stabbed, hung or held captive for doing what they believed IN- and that was helping people by using the medicines of the earth, the energy of the elements and their connections with the LIGHT of Spirit.... pre & post- Lemuria & Atlantis. This is the life they will NOT be held back and they support all who are ready to transform and have that same power and will to make a difference in this world!