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About Branches of Vibrational Healing


Maria Gingras 
"The Trunk of Our Tree"


As a 13-year experienced RN and someone who suffered from autoimmune diseases for many of those years, I have come to fully see and understand both sides of the current healthcare model. As both a provider & consumer of “the system,” I began to awaken to the realities of the BIG business it has become, rather than it being a source of long-term healing for humanity. Throughout my years of suffering with daily chronic pain, severe joint inflammation, skin nodules, migraines, frequent infections & viruses, amongst many other anomalous physical ailments, I was shuttled from one specialist to another. I was “poked, prodded” & evaluated numerous times to be diagnosed, undiagnosed and re-diagnosed with a plethora of “diseases.” I was trialed on several different medications which usually caused even worse side-effects. I often heard the statements: “we want to send you to another specialist” or there’s really nothing else we can do for you” and “we’re not really sure what you even have, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on the symptoms.” Each time I heard those words I cringed & felt even more defeated. I started becoming a victim to my diseases- falsely accepting my conditions and the fact that no one could give me the answers I was seeking. Feelings of anxiety & depression further perpetuated my suffering. I eventually had to step out of the “hands-on” nursing world because the physical requirements had become too taxing on my own body. While I was able to fortunately still work nursing jobs that were no longer @ the bedside, I truly missed connecting with, and caring for patients. But I recognized that I was in no position to be physically caring for others when my own body was falling apart. I felt like a failure to my patients and to myself. I had finally reached the lowest point in my disease process, and it was quite literally draining my life energy. Through the debilitation of my own body (and witnessing the suffering of so many others) I was given the gift of the greatest awakening that has led me down the most amazing self-healing path & sparked a spiritual journey that has been life-changing.  


Since I was a young child, I’ve always been extremely sensitive (emotionally & physically), as well as highly intuitive. Because I had no clue that these innate traits were gifts @ the time, I spent most of my early years trying to suppress them. I often felt misunderstood by others & “out of place” so to say, thus I spent a great deal of time & energy just trying to fit in with the crowd. Unfortunately, this only created more suffering within me. I had become such an inauthentic version of myself over the years- merely for societal acceptance, that I felt very disconnected from my soul. Unaware that my suppressed emotions & thoughts were all forms of energy that affected my overall state of being, I unconsciously allowed them to fester in my body- slowly manifesting physical DIS-EASEs over time. Upon taking psychic development classes a few years back this realization was solidified for me, as I began learning ALL about energy- the energy centers in the human body and how we all hold onto and transfer these vibrations to each other. I began to learn “medicine” & our energetic bodies in a whole new (yet ironically very Ancient) way. I was introduced to various forms of energy healing modalities & self-care practices- ways to ground myself & “protect” my own energetic field. Shadow work & self-care became part of my daily routine (and remain as such today). Through this entire healing process, I began to adopt new and expansive mindsets and beliefs. I started CHOOSING healthier lifestyle options, created better habits, began meditating regularly and connected deeply with myself. In meditation I was able to “shut off” the outside chaos and go withIN to reconnect with my Spirit- the very essence of WHO I really am. And with this, I started listening to what I NEEDED in order to heal. I realized that ALL answers and solutions were within me, and I no longer felt the need (or desire) to depend on the external healthcare system to heal me. I learned that by changing my internal world for the better, my external world & reality began to massively shift as well. And the more I healed the more I was able to connect with the Higher Spiritual realms. My growing relationship with Spirit helped me to realize that my sensitivities truly were gifts that allowed me not only to tap into these “unseen” realms, but also to empathize and hold compassion for others on an extremely deep level. By accepting and embracing my new found authenticity, I embarked on a very spiritual mission that has led to the co-creation of Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC. 

Much like the "Tree of Life", Our Tree is a symbol of Unity. The roots & trunk make up the foundation of our healing business, while the branches represent each of the modalities we offer. Just as we humans ALL have a mind, body & soul to be a complete BEing, a tree has roots from which it's born to keep it grounded, a trunk that stands tall for support, and branches with leaves that reach for the sky. This depicts the concept of holism- the very HEART of our business; for we honor & see each unique individual being as part of the WHOLE human experience. We wholeheartedly believe in the interconnectedness of every ONE & everything. Our ULTIMATE goal is to continually add branches to Our infinite Tree, as more healers with a shared soul purpose continue to awaken to their own INNER lights & unique gifts. 

Nursing always felt like my passion because innately I knew I was on a healing mission- but the current system no longer resonated with my heart & soul after my many awakenings. I started to realize that although my purpose was a healing ONE- this actually meant I was to heal mySELF, and then guide & empower others in becoming their own master healers. Each and EVERY ONE of US has the capability to self-heal, and it’s a BIRTHRIGHT to live a life of health, happiness & sovereignty should we so choose. 💚



Nursing & Energy Healing Training/Experience: 


My 14-year nursing/clinical background includes hospice/end of life care, short-term rehab, long-term care/nursing home, case management, wound care, chronic disease management & holistic health and wellness nurse coaching. 


In my Spiritual journey & energy healing training I have become a Certified Shamanic Practitioner & Certified Akashic Records Reader, as well as Psychic Medium/Spiritual Intuitive & trance energy healer. In addition to my energy work and standard nursing education, I’m also a Board-Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Registered Nurse Coach (through The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation). 

I'm also a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist. For more information about this evidence-based process please visit The Grief Recovery Institute website: The Grief Recovery Method - Home

Thanks for stopping by to read my story. Much love & light to ALL of you beautiful souls. 

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