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About Branches of Vibrational Healing 


"The Roots of Our Tree"


Hey beautiful souls, 

I believe when there is peace in the mind and heart, there is peace in the body. 

I am an oncology nurse who strongly believes in the power of love- for self and others. I was always drawn to oncology nursing and holistic/complementary medicine and understanding how emotions play a strong role in our health. I had some cancer scares myself so I knew i wanted to work in oncology, so i could remind those who are ill that they are not their disease.  I want to help people heal their entire being and not just the immediate problem because we are so much more than medications and prescriptions- we are soul and I believe in the importance of quality of life.

 I feel like alot of health issues come from deeper 'pathologies' that aren't taught in textbooks nor can be helped by medications; and I refer to emotions, negative self talk, stress, holding in anger and hate; most importantly lack of self reflection and kindness.  We do not realize how much our environment affects us, nor are we taught that it is okay to feel your emotions and to talk about them (in healthy ways). I do love being a nurse and work with some amazing people but I started having physical symptoms early on after taking care of many dying people; and through deep reflection I learned how much of a sensitive soul aka an empath I was. I was holding in other peoples (patients, friends, family, etc.) emotions/stresses as well as my own- it was killing me so to speak.


I had been getting many signs from the Universe that my mission is bigger than being at the bedside no matter how much i love doing that... but I wasn't sure what that mission was. Then the universe hijacked my awakening big time! 


 As a nurse I have had the blessing to meet and get close with and help many beautiful people and unfortunately be with them as they took their last breath. The first couple years I had one person passing after another; and I would put on a happy, compassionate and determined attitude each day as I went to work and continued to go from one patient to the next- each with a different situation but each equally needing my time.  As soon as my shift ended I would sit in my car and be so emotional bout what was happening to my patients and to the morale of those I worked with giving all the time is not easy.   I hated what cancer was doing to such amazing people. I hated that I couldn't 'save' people. I hated overthinking what more could I do for them. I developed major compassion fatigue to the point where it was affecting my social life; and my physical and mental health.  I didn't like how I no longer felt myself.... this is when my soul began talking to me and pushing me to heal myself. 

I contribute the start of my healing journey to all of my patients but my real awakening I must credit to one specific patient and she knows who she is. It was a few days before Christmas where I had switched a shift with another nurse last minute. In report I learned that one of the patients had a family meeting that day and the name sounded familiar but didn't really click (I learned one of my coping mechanisms was to forget peoples names). The doctors notes didn't mention what would be discussed at the meeting. When I first entered the patient's room I didn't recognize her at first because the cancer took a toll on her in just 3 short months, but she definitely recognized me and told me that if she knew I would be her nurse then she wouldn't have slept all night due to excitement. This patient proves that you don't need to know someone for years or be with them everyday to have  a genuine loving soul connection. She was a young mom with five children all under the age of eight who I had not seen since the end of August when she was diagnosed.  The Universe set in motion for me to be her nurse that day - no questions asked because that family meeting was terrible and she was told there were no more treatment options. She had weeks to live.  The way she held my hand looking to me for guidance and support broke my heart, yet moved me. I knew that if I wanted to continue to be a nurse so I can continue to be their for those who need me just like she needed me that day then I needed to start healing myself.​ That night after work I sat under the stars distraught, questioning my future as a nurse, and asked the universe for guidance, support, patience, and peace. I knew there had to be a reason for why I was a nurse, why I was certain peoples nurse, and, why my entire life I wanted to help people and have them see the light within themselves no matter how dark the tunnel was.  

I made my New Years resolution to : take care of Samantha and to not feel bad about that.

I started off by getting Reiki certified and then got a few medium/angel readings where I was told many things I did not understand- I was an empath; a medium; a prophecy; a healer; a pleiadian; that certain chakras were blocked; my adrenals were drained and to take certain vitamins; certain Archangels and celestial beings were with me; and so forth. I wrote everything down and then bought books,  researched online constantly, started workshops and my spiritual journey couldn't be stopped and never will be.  The universe heard me and I have truly found my mission, know who I am and have that peace within me. This didn't happen overnight but rather many days, nights, months of crying, reflecting, laughing and feeling 'crazy' around everyone who knew me because I was talking to spirit, my guides, the universe, and was becoming very mindful.  I have found my mission and know that anything is possible as long as you believe and can put your heart into it. I learned why i was comfortable with taking care of people passing and it is due to me being an old soul and shamanic practitioner/medicine woman. ALong my spiritual journey i found out that i can talk to spirit, passed loved ones, the angels, I can go into trance very easily and do trance mediumship as well as trance healing and medical intuition. I also studied and became certified in reading the Akashic Records with specialization in past lives which only makes sense since I've had so many past lives. But, to assist with this I became certified in past life regression hypnotherapy.  Through deep reflection and connecting with the Universe I have learned so much and have remembered who I truly am and I just want to do that for others.  In deep meditative states I have seen Branches of Vibrational Healing and all its potential, all who can be helped and here we are bringing the vision into fruition. 

As I continue to raise my vibration I want to help others do the same,not just in the hospital but outside of it. We all have a light within us and we need a little kick in the but sometimes to realize the importance of that light to ourselves, to others and to the universe. We are all here on earth with a mission and whatever your path may be I want to help you and make you aware of the unconditional love the universe is waiting for you to feel. I no longer push my emotions or feelings aside. I become aware of them and then release them. Suppressing emotions will catch up to you one way or another and mostly all of us have had some sort of trauma, stress, pain, anger, heartbreak in our lives that we didn't want to deal with.  We even carry trauma, from our previous lives into our current life. But, we also carry gifts from our past life that we may or not be aware of, as well as the ability to heal as long as we can silence the mind & the Universe wants to help. 

You being here is a sign, let me support you in finding your peace! 

There is no such thing as coincidences and that is why you are here. 

Healing Warrior Vibes 

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