A Taste of Samanthas Testimonials 
"Her authentic self is undeniable and she gives you a feeling that anything is possible! " (Sara 2/2021) 

"Sam and Maria are both amazing! I have been dealing with infertility for a year and a half now and have been feeling really bad about myself because of it. I was angry, and depressed with this path I had been given.  I did a spiritual healing session with just Sam back in January 2021 and felt so much better after, but not all the way. Sam kept working with me and learned more about my situation. She suggested a couple's spiritual healing and past life retrieval. She had Maria join her for this and together they did such a beautiful healing session on us both. We learned about our past lives and it explained a lot of our insecurities. We heard from our spirit guides and which ones to call on when we feel like we need a little bit of spiritual help. My confidence in my job and infertility journey has improved tremendously. My husband and I both feel at peace now with the cards we have been given and ready to head into our infertility treatments with a clear mind and hearts open ready to welcome our future children. I feel more accepting of the things I can not control and trusting in my doctors to help me. Sam also put together an infertility box for my birthday as a gift from my husband. It was full of crystals, homemade candles, sprays, remedies, and tokens to help us along our journey. Everything was personally made or picked for me and my situation. You can tell how much thought, love, and healing went into it. These two ladies are great and our experience was life changing thanks to them." (Stephanie Q. 8/2021) 

"Because of Samantha I was able to not only reconnect with my dad, but my childhood dog. it was so good to hear they were together and that my nana is keeping him in line still. Samanthas humble yet funny nature and energy brought forth the feeling of me being with my dad still. I miss you Dad, but know now you are always with me now." (April, 2021) 

"Thank you Samantha, for a wonderful session with you. A very handy peek at the akashic records and a lovely healing, which, because it was recorded, I can listen to again and again, as and when needed. It is always very calming and uplifting. You are a beautiful soul and it was an absolute pleasure connecting with you." 

Trudi, UK. July 2021

Ellen Camisasca recommends Branches of Vibrational Healing: "I recently did a regression healing session with Samantha and it was absolutely incredible! Since the session, I am feeling more peaceful, centered and confident as my own spiritual journey continues to unfold. Her kind and caring personality makes you feel completely at ease throughout the session, and her intuitive skills are exceptional! Samantha is a beautiful being of love and light who has so many amazing gifts to share with the world! I highly recommend you book a session with her. You will be happy you did! " June 2021

 "The past life readings and soul retrieval with Samantha was awesome. She has helped me so much on my spiritual journey! <3 <3 <3 <3" - Julie S. (May 2021)

"During my Past Life reading with Samantha she did healing and her guides told her that Soul Retrieval was needed. She asked for my permission first and explained it all to me after. It was such a profound beautiful experience and a reading like no other. Samantha is different because she is so connected with Source that she does what is best for the client based on what her guides say. I was blown away and never been able to just sit and actually feel energy- it was through Zoom, but the energy was real and it was amazing. Highly recommend!!! "- D.K (Texas. June 2021) 

40 Day Spirit Ship Testimony

"All I can say is that this journey has exceeded my expectations. I have learned so much from these 40+ days. Wow. I feel the change in me. I looked forward to opening every email knowing I would learn and grow from it. Thank you for much for opening my eyes to some important things I need to work on to continue my healing. My meditations are deeper, my days are filled with gratitude for just being me. I will miss my morning emails but I know I will be working with you again soon. I will be using all the tools Ive learned in the Spirit Ship to continue my healing and growth."  - Cheryl (May 2021)

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