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*June Sweetness Specials*









FREE Monthly Meditation Metamorphosis Meeting via ZOOM

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, from 9-10 PM (EST)/6-7 PM (MST). Different theme each time! Please join our FREE MeetUp Group here: Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC Soul Tribe (Wittmann, AZ) | Meetup to sign-up or email HERE to request Zoom link & PW. If you can't make the live events, check out our YouTube channel HERE, with recorded meditations you can listen to @ your leisure! Please subscribe to & share our page. :) Click the video link below for our most recent channeled meditation! 













**Buy 1 Yin Yang Soul Session & receive a 2nd one @ half price (can keep for yourself, or spread the love and give it to someone else)**


  • Ying-Yang Limitless Soul Session: 2 Shamanic Healers/Psychic Mediums in ONE empowering session ($222 for 60-minutes), where you'll receive double healing, wisdom, guidance, LOVE & light. You choose how the session is spent- readings/healings etc. it's ALL limitless, especially when Samantha & Maria work together as a dynamic duo!

**INdividual Specials for June**:


With Maria

 (Based on MST/AZ time zone. If times don't work for you, please email

or text 602-469-3323)

Psychic Fair Special: 

For the month of June, Maria will honor her discounted Psychic Fair prices for a 20-minute LIMITLESS reading/healing @ $45! This powerful session can take place remotely via Zoom, or you may take advantage of this SPECIAL in-person @ Thrive Healing Center (13925 W Meeker Blvd Suite #17, Sun City West AZ 85375) once a month! Click HERE to book this special! 

Personalized Channeled Meditation w/ Short Recorded Intuitive Reading via E-mail: 

Maria will receive a channeled meditation embedded w/ individualized healing frequencies & DNA activations from Spirit and/or client's Higher Self & will send the audio recording, along w/ a short video recording of a Spirit-guided reading/messages via e-mail. Every meditation will be "custom" channeled w/ specific healing intention for each individual client. This very powerful tool can be used throughout your ascension journey, because it's unique to the blueprint of YOUR Soul's path & it will begin to activate a deep remembrance within. To book this service for $122, please E-MAIL MARIA HERE. 

With Samantha:

(Based on EST. If times don't work for you,

please email @

or text 781-316-4415)

Monday Mindset Sunshine Series $57

Every Monday @ 9am EST Starting June 5th through July 17th for 45mins. Monday mentoring for shifting your mindset to more harmony, self confidence, empowerment, while gaining a deeper understanding for self, life and being in the present moment. This is for anyone who I have connected with, had or have as a coaching client. These will be live, but don't worry the recordings will be sent to you so you dont need to miss the energy. Click here to learn more.  * Book here by June 4th at 12pm EST. 

Dragon Code Workshop 1

This online workshop with Samantha will connect you to the Spirit and Energy of the Dragon with chakra and cellular DNA activation & shifting. June 27th 730pm EST. $44 Investment and 1.5 hours. Learn More /Book Here. 

Deep SOUL Symbol Activation Special: 

Samantha will receive a channeled symbol embedded w/ individualized healing frequencies & DNA activations from the client's Higher Self, and she'll draw this picture & mail it to each person's home. This symbol was created & "imprinted" in each individual's Soul prior to incarnating on Earth, to spark a deep remembrance of oneself. It will ignite a Divine inner awakening to support your current life & evolving path forward. This is YOUR unique symbol, which is like a "trademark" of your Soul. It may or may not come with a reading (depending on guidance from Spirit). Once you choose a booking time or email Samantha, it will be mailed with 72-hours from that. This does not need you to be present, so if you choose a booking time then this is the time Samantha will connect and receive then mail out your symbol within 72-hours. She does not need you being present, your booking is enough. To book this service @ the monthly special price of $122, you can click here or E-MAIL SAMANTHA HERE. 


'Tis always the season of giving & receiving LOVE! 





With all packages, you will be directed to send an e-mail (click HERE),

Please state the package you're interested in & we'll respond within 48-hours to

set-up times & payment with you, thanks!


  • Soul Igniter with past-life Akashic record reading


  • 3 distant energy healing sessions (30-minutes each)  


  • One healing/reading session with Samantha 30-minutes

  • One healing/reading session with Maria 30-minutes

  • One healing session with both Samantha & Maria one hour

  • Channeled Meditation with personal healing frequencies infused into it from your Higher self

 *** Each session will include wisdom from Spirit on what happened if you only wanted energy healing (if you want to discuss)


  • Personalized email every day for 40 days to bring forth understanding of emotions and how they affect us, understanding chakras, shadow work, and connecting with the angels and source. Guided meditations and reflection practices included with songs to bring in extra healing. A true transformational journey to support you connecting with yourself more deeply. 


Melchizedek Triple Hologram $7

28-minutes in length, of High God frequency energy healing to support healing of your cells, DNA, meridians, inner elements and whatever ailment(s) you may have. (This was recorded by Samantha who has studied up to level 5 of Melchizedek Energy Healing thus far). If interested, click here to send an e-mail and Samantha will send you the recording. 

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