Homemade Clearing & HighVibing Spray: Abundance Me

Wonderful spray for grounding and cleansing away what no longer serves you while making room for luck, love, compassion, creativity, prosperity and joy. Spray this while stating the intention of what you want abundance with. Ingredients: Filtered water, moon water & witch hazel; clary sage, cinnamon, orange, frankincense essential oils; tigers’ eye crystals


Handmade with positive, loving intention and energy from the divine as well as channeling of the Spirit of the Sage plant. All-natural ingredients and full moon infused salty ocean, rain, or filtered water. Best potency- use within the 4 months from date on bottle.

  • Small sprays (2oz) $6 Large sprays (8oz) $14

Abundance Me ** Clearing/Uplifting Sprays For You & Your Space

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