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This is a fun and deep way to connect with your consciousness and take a safe journey with your soul. This is very much like when you are in a dream state, except you are awake for it and being supported throughout the process. The healing from these sessions has the potential to bring about beautiful energetic shifts within clients for days, weeks, and months to come. In these sessions you recover memories and wisdom from other lifetimes that are for your Highest and best. 



They shift us into a deeper state of consciousness to; Reconnect with past life experiences; become aware and embrace key lessons and your missions from other life’s and your current life; see who was in our past that is in our life now; meet our guides/spirit animals; help us understand why we may have strong affinity with certain places/people; explore soulmate experiences; learn and release unresolved emotions, beliefs, fears, traumas that you haven’t been able to explain.




At the start of the session Samantha will discuss with you what it is that you are seeking guidance on and as you lie down or sit nice and comfortably, she will guide you through some practices to bring you into a deep state of calm. During this she will be welcoming in both you and her guides to support you in this process. Once you are in a deep state of calm, the journey begins. Samantha does energy clearing and balancing either before, during and/or after your session pending what she is guided.  


TIME: up to 2 hours long.  


PRICE: $250

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