Where to begin?!

Information Page to Assist you in your Journey & to gain a deeper understanding! 


Energy healing can be a powerful tool in the healing process and a way to bring alignment to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It can help in releasing unwanted emotions like fear, anger, guilt, resentment, shame, mistrust, guilt, etc, help calm and bring balance to your thoughts, and/or release patterns that may be holding you back from living a more harmonious life, as well as help relieve pains, stuck/blocked energy, with the potential to connect you to loved ones and the divine. Healing is unique to each person pending what you request and what the guides recommend is for your highest and best; Samantha has not just studied one modality of energy healing, but several because she understands how healing happens on many levels. Samantha connects with her clients unconscious and subcnocnious to deliver the healing that will most help them at that time. She uses her compassionate nature, intuitive skills, and divine connection to source to connect to bring in the energy to help her clients feel their light, feel safe, feel grounded, feel loved, and feel their connection to source. Some types of modalities are, but not limited to:

What is Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Re-energizing??

There are seven main chakras in your body: four in our upper body and three in our lower body that affect our wellbeing. The three lower relate to our external factors and Earth while our upper ones connect to Spirit, love, intuition, Each chakra has a different energetic vibration that is affected in a number of ways and play a huge role in our overall physical and emotional wellbeing. The energy within the chakra system helps us understand our life force and can help us understand ourselves better. Every situation, thought, emotion, relationship and experience becomes embedded in our chakra system. Our chakras can become blocked, dim, depleted, overly exerted, or overly expansive and with each one out of balance causes a trickle effect in the rest of the chakras as well as in your wellbeing. 

The more we clear our chakras, and get in tuned with their energy the more layers we peel back (like an onion) until we feel free and at peace in our own bodies; where we no longer react to everything, rather we are aware of things and become more resilient and compassionate with ourselves and others. Clearing is done in almost every light-guided healing session Samantha offers unless otherwise directed by spirit, but if you would like to have an entire session devoted to this work you can book that as well and Samantha will discuss with you what information she received during the session, tell you about the chakras and how YOU can personally start to be the holding the keys to illumination and healing. We all are in need of chakra clearing & balancing.

½ hour - $ 55   *  1 hour   $77


They help facilitate the souls transitioning into the afterlife. And, is someone who provides comfort during the transition process to the one passing and to their loved ones when asked. It is someone whom shows that there is a compassionate being waiting for the person dying who will help them when they pass. We are never alone especially when we physically leave this life, but we are used to 'seeing is believing' so that is hard to understand.  This is a powerfully healing service that is a sacred Shamanic Practice that helps the soul cross over into the light and brings forth harmony to the situation of a soul passing. There are a few different ways this service can work that is why the price and time vary. 

With this service the person needs to be understanding of the crossing over process that we do not just simply end when we pass.

Since this is a sacred practice permission and autonomy is important.

* If you are seeking this service because you have lost someone but feel as though maybe their soul/spirit is unsettled or hasty crossed into the light then Samantha can go to spirit and find out, and if the spirit hasn't crossed over then with your permission she will cross them over. If they have crossed them over there is no charge unless you go forward with a Spirit Mediumship reading. For the crossing over (if needed) $75

*If you are the one passing or have fear around death then all you will need to do is give your permission and you will be guided to place of comfort to feel more at peace with the process.

* If you are seeking this service because someone you love is passing and you are having a tough time around the situation because of your fears and/or views on death then Samantha can work with you and guide you so you feel comfort and give you a glimpse of what its like when people do pass.

* If this service is for someone you love who is passing :

  •  The person needs to know they are passing in order to be shown the beauty on the other side so when they do pass they have a  sense of peace within themselves.

  • If the person can not speak for themselves and passing is imminent then the permission of the guardian is needed to help bring the soul to a place of comfort for a more peaceful passing. 

* It can be a joined healing session if the person who is passing is aware of death being near and wants to feel comfortable with it with their loved then a joint session can be held where they both get comfort in the situation.