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Samantha is the "root" of Our Tree & Maria is the "trunk." Our overall mission is to continue to add more "branches" over the years as more healing practitioners awaken to their own gifts & innate Spiritual talents. We envision a growing healing business that will offer various modalities for people from ALL walks of life. We aspire to inspire diverse healers, who also share in our compassion & will to be of service to ALL of humanity. As a unified Collective, we can move mountains. 

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Meet The Owners & Practitioners


Founder & Owner of Branches:


Multidimensional Shamanic Practitioner & Lover of Life; Akashic Record & Past Life  Reader/Alchemist; Regression Hypnotherapist; Energy Trance Healer/Channeler of Light Beings; Spirit, Angel, Soul & Animal Communicator; Psychic Medium; Medical Intuitive; Soul- Empowering Intuitive Life Coach (Holistic Life Coach & Trauma informed coach incorporating Spirit, self-awareness tools, energy healing, trauma work, chakra understanding, nervous system regulation, purpose finding, gift tapping, psychic tools, etc.); Melchizedek & Angel Energy Healer


Co-Founder & Co-Owner of Branches:

Multidimensional Shamanic Practitioner; Akashic Record Reader; Trance Energy Healer/Shifter; Spirit, Angel, Soul & Animal Communicator; Psychic Medium; Medical Intuitive, Sound Healer; Board Certified RN Holistic Health & Wellness Coach; Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist


Sidney Kendall

Founder & Owner of The Catalyst Experience:

Breathwork & Meditation Coach; Spiritual Intuitive Medium; Animal Communicator; Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

 For more information about the services Sidney offers, please email her @:




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