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*Warrior Hearts @ Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC*
Transformative Health & Wellness Coaching w/ Maria Gingras RN HWNC-BC

*About Warrior Hearts*

"Warrior Hearts" is a transformative coaching modality offered through Maria, who is a board-certified RN holistic health & wellness coach. This form of health coaching embodies a holistic (mind, body & Soul) approach to one's overall well-being. It enables individuals to create & live a life of purpose & meaningful connections. Warrior Hearts promotes balance & harmony within one's physical, mental, emotional & Spiritual health. 

My Role as Your Transformative Health & Wellness Coach

As a RN health & wellness coach my mission is to hold space for you and inspire you to recognize & embrace your own inner truths, innate talents & gifted capabilities. I will provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental container for you to openly express yourself. I will deeply listen, support and encourage your journey- however that may look to you, because I recognize & honor that you're the expert of your own life. I will challenge you to dig deep through self-reflective questions & introspection, as this can empower profound healing & growth. And I'll offer guidance and/or health education when I feel it's in service of your highest & best.


I pledge to show up authentically and compassionately for you at all times, because I believe these to be important traits to have when building a trustworthy coach/client relationship. My role is to be a “guiding light” and means of support to encourage you on your individual health & wellness journey. 

While I serve ALL populations, my expertise in nurse health coaching includes working with veterans, as well as with other nurses/healthcare professionals, young adults seeking direction in life, older adults with chronic illnesses & who are searching for new purposes in life & people who struggle with addictions & PTSD. My 14-yr clinical background & specialties in nursing include: hospice & end-of-life care, sub-acute/short-term rehabilitation care, geriatrics, case management, chronic disease management, wound care, health insurance & holistic medicine. With my extensive background in end-of-life care nursing & through my own life experiences with loss, I'm also specialized & certified in grief-recovery coaching which assists clients in moving through the unique grieving process.



"Healers are those who heal themselves and inspire, support & encourage others to do the same. They are courageous warriors with inner strength, resilience and compassion- for they fully understand that healing takes HEART." -M. Gingras

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My Story & Why I Started Coaching...

As a 14-year experienced RN & someone who suffered from autoimmune diseases for many of those years, I have come to fully see and understand both sides of the current healthcare model. As both a provider & consumer of “the system,” I began to awaken to the realities of the big business it has become, rather than it being a source of long-term healing for humanity. Throughout my years of suffering w/daily chronic pain, severe joint inflammation, neurological disorders, migraines, skin conditions, frequent infections & viruses, amongst many other anomalous physical ailments, I was shuttled from one specialist to another. I was “poked, prodded” & evaluated numerous times to be diagnosed, undiagnosed and re-diagnosed with a plethora of “diseases.” I was trialed on several different medications which usually caused even worse side-effects. I often heard the statements: “we want to send you to another specialist” or there’s really nothing else we can do for you” and “we’re not really sure what you even have, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on the symptoms.”


Each time I heard those words I cringed & felt even more defeated. I started becoming a victim to my diseases- falsely accepting my conditions and the fact that no one could give me the answers I was seeking. Feelings of anxiety & depression further perpetuated my suffering, but eventually led to my awakening & sparked the beginning of an amazing self-healing journey.

Through my own pain & frustration I developed an even deeper sense of understanding of how so many of my patients must have felt over the years- lost, hopeless, confused, suffering and misguided. These realizations fostered even more motivation to heal myself. I was inspired by other healers around me, who took a holistic approach in their own journeys. Through a perspective of “holism” the focus of health & wellness examines & integrates the entire mind, body & soul- ALL aspects which make a person WHOLE. Through this process, I began to adopt new and expansive mindsets and beliefs. I started CHOOSING healthier lifestyle options, created better habits, began meditating regularly and connected deeply with myself. I started listening to what I NEEDED in order to heal. Self-care and shadow work became part of my daily routines (and still remain as such today). I started taking FULL responsibility for my overall state of being, released the need to fix and change things out of my control and refocused my time and energy on the things I could change within me. I began learning and practicing energy work, which not only helped me create the spiritual foundation I was yearning for, but literally transformed my entire life. I realized that ALL answers and solutions were within me, and I no longer felt the need (or desire) to depend on the external healthcare system to heal me. I learned that by changing my internal world for the better, my external world & reality began to massively shift as well. I finally began healing and started living a life of wellness, rather than just “surviving” through all of my illnesses. 


This path eventually led me to Transformative Nurse Health Coaching, which was not only a calling, but THE answer to everything I had put out to the universe. No longer resonating with our current healthcare system, I began searching for a way to combine my years of clinical experience in nursing, with everything I had learned on my own holistic journey. Then nurse coaching came across my radar and seeing it as a synchronistic sign, I knew it was the key to a whole new door within the healthcare realm. 

The healing process can be challenging, non-linear and painful @ times. For me, this is proof however that it’s actually working. As a nurse who has witnessed & experienced true healing, I understand and acknowledge that often times the situation has to feel and appear "worse" before things can get better. Synonymous to the healing of a physical wound, all traumas, DIS-ease and emotional disturbances also need to heal from the INSIDE out. This requires deep & purposeful introspection to uncover the root of the issue. Our modern-day healthcare system more often than not just wants to find the “quick fix” or apply a “Band-Aid” to our healthcare concerns. Unfortunately, this only masks the deeper issues at hand. As a healthcare provider this became increasingly disheartening to acknowledge as well. I frequently felt as though we were failing our patients, never really offering them any kind of long-term solutions to leading healthy & fulling lives. I saw how "the chronically-ill paradigm" began infiltrating one generation to the next as a sense of "normalcy" falsely accepted by our society. Being part of the healthcare system started to become extremely disheartening, until I awakened to the holistic mindset/method. This approach gets to the "heart of the problem," thus promoting more sustainable ways in maintaining health and wellness through the longevity of one’s entire life. This is when I knew it was time to start changing the system & how we approach healthcare as a whole.  

*Healing through the "Create, Embody & BEcome" Process* 

The individual responsibility, awareness and accountability required to do the inner work for healing can feel overwhelming @ times. The conscious choice to remain an actively-willing & self-compassionate participant throughout the process will heed the most successful results. Self-healing is a BIRTHRIGHT afforded to every human being, should we choose to believe and trust in ourselves & the innate capabilities we all possess. When we open ourselves to new possibilities, mindsets & lifestyles, the outcomes can hold infinite potential. But like any kind of healing modality, nurse coaching only works as much as the client is willing to “work it” on their end. My clients are in the driver’s seat of their own journey, and I’m here to hold the map.


So are YOU ready NOW to pick the destination? What better time to step into the power of being your own healer and master creator of your own life than RIGHT NOW? 


Through the “create, embody, become” approach, YOU’LL create a new life, through expansive mindsets- embody new behaviors & lifestyle changes- and BECOME a healthier & happier version of YOU! Let's get started! 

Key things :

  • Everyone's package is individualized & guided by their own personal goals & health visions 

  • This coaching is to empower you, help you grow and heal in the natural ways your body & mind were designed to do; we'll explore what limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back from your truth & highest potentials; we'll bring about your innate gifts & healing wisdom 

  • I require a FREE 30-minute consultation before you purchase a package to determine if my coaching feels like the right fit for you

  • All sessions are conducted via Zoom (unless otherwise scheduled for an in-person appointment)


  • Regardless of chosen package plan, the initial session is always 2-hours in duration & all follow-ups are 1-hour each

  • Package plans as per prices listed. If paid in full @ time of contract signing, you'll receive a discounted price, otherwise sessions are charged an hourly rate of either $77.00 or $88.00 based on coaching program selected. Flexible payment plans also available


  • Please NOTE: My energy healing and/or psychic intuitive services are separate modalities offered outside of my coaching programs. If interested in any of these options, please book under LIMITLESS sessions or Unique Services Page.  Thanks!

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With all packages: the first session is 2-hours in duration & all follow-ups are 1-hour each.  

Discounted price if package is paid in full @ contract signing (1st session), otherwise sessions will be charged an hourly rate of either $77.00 or $88.00, depending on the coaching program selected. Flexible payment plans available as well. 

FREE Consultation

  • Required 30-minute FREE consultation

  • Upon booking a FREE 30-minute consult I will send you a 5-question survey to get a feel for where you currently are & where YOU WANT to be. We will briefly discuss your goals and the overall nurse health coaching process to see if it's right for you! There is NO obligation or pressure to sign-up for a package after we chat.

"The Plunge: A Courageous Diver Package"

  • 11 total sessions = 12 hours (to be used/scheduled within 90 days of coach/client agreement signing)

  • For those embarking on a new journey, we'll work together to create a solid foundation and establish attainable goals that resonate with your vision of health, wellness & happiness

  • For repeat clients we'll continue to examine & elevate your health/wellness & lifestyle goals. Whether you have new areas of focus or want to revisit a previous matter on a deeper level, I'm here to support & empower your progress.

  • In this 3-month program, we'll work together to identify & challenge DIS-empowering limiting beliefs & begin creating new ways to modify or change old habits, in order for you to achieve your health & wellness goals. You'll begin to adopt new perspectives & behaviors that will promote more optimism, energy, and vitality within your everyday life. 

  • Total charge when paid in full @ contract signing = $888.00, otherwise sessions will be charged @ $77.00/hour.

"The Marathon: An in it to Win it Package"

  • 22 total sessions = 23 hours (to be used/scheduled within 180 days of coach/client agreement signing)

  • In this 6-month program, we'll work together to identify your health/wellness & lifestyle goals and transform old limiting beliefs & habits into new ways of living. You're in this one for the "long-haul" so we'll be sure to dig deep at core issues that you feel may be holding you back from creating your best life. You'll learn how to implement new & healthy lifestyle choices that will promote more optimism, energy, and vitality within your everyday life.

  • Total charge when paid in full @ contract signing = $1,122.00, otherwise sessions will be charged @ $77.00/hour.

"The Warrior's Walk: A Way-Shower Package"

  • 33 total sessions = 34 hours (to be used/scheduled within 270 days of coach/client agreement signing)

  • In this intensive 9-month program, we'll work together to identify your health/wellness & lifestyle goals and transform old limiting beliefs & habits into new ways of living. You're in this one for the super "long-haul" so we'll be sure to dig extremely deep at core issues that you feel may be holding you back from creating your best life. 

  • You'll learn how to bring balance into all aspects of your life, and create an empowering relationship with self & others 

  • This program will assist you in stepping into your fullest potential and most authentic self 

  • Total charge when paid in full @ contract signing = $2,444.00, otherwise sessions will be charged @ $77.00/hour.

"Phoenix Rising: From Shadows to SHINE Package"

  • Can be purchased as a 3-, 6- or 9-month package plan

  • In this program, we will dive extremely DEEP into “shadow work” to bring trauma, pain & unconscious patterns & suffering to Light, so that it can be transmuted into healing wisdom. This is recommended for those who want to catapult their Spiritual journey & foster more personal growth within their everyday lives. In this intensive program, we will complete several different “shadow work” practices, tap into your conscious, subconscious & unconscious thoughts, do an energetic “cord-cutting” activity, explore dream interpretation, meditate, learn discernment, complete journaling exercises & allow Spirit to guide on us on what other forms of healing you’d benefit from.

  • This is for people who are READY to dive into every aspect of their “shadow self” & make the unconscious conscious. The phrase shadow self, coined by Carl Jung, stated the shadow to be “the unknown dark side of the personality.” Jung also said that, “Everyone carries a shadow,” and “The less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.” We ALL have aspects of our personalities that we don’t “like,” but when we suppress these thoughts, emotions and/or behaviors they can take an unconscious hold of our lives & often paint our realities from a limited & victimized mindset. By facing that which we perceive to be “negative” (usually born from traumatic experiences) about ourselves (and others) we begin to bring the darkness to Light, freeing all that is withIN us and only wants our loving compassion, understanding & acceptance.

  • Pricing per 3-, 6- or 9-month plans above, otherwise sessions will be charged @ $88.00/hour. 

"Torch of Illumination: A Lightworker's Journey Home Package"

  • 22 total sessions = 23 hours (to be used/scheduled within 180 days of coach/client agreement signing)

  • While all of my services have a "holistic" approach (meaning focus on the mind, body & Soul/Spirit), this 6-month program is heavily geared towards tapping into ones' innate Spiritual, psychic & healing gifts. 

  • I'll act as a guide & mentor to help you explore different ways of fine tuning your intuition so that you can best read & discern energies, both within and outside of you. You will learn different techniques for meditation and also tap into your innate intuitive and psychic capabilities. Everyone's Spiritual path will vary but we'll use several different tools (oracle cards, shamanic journeying/visual meditation, crystals, guidance from Spirit, etc.) to assist each person in creating a deeper connection with his/her Soul & the compassionate Spirit Guides wanting to assist in your human journey. There will also be aspects of "shadow work" that will be covered throughout our sessions. The overall goal of this program is to tap into YOUR Spiritual gifts & psychic capabilities so that you may lead an empowering life & learn how to share your innate healing gifts with others. How do you want to shine YOUR Light for ONEself & ALL of humanity?

  • Total charge when paid in full @ contract signing = $1144.00, otherwise sessions will be charged @ $88.00/hour.

"Grieving GraceFULLY: A Grief Recovery Package"

  • 11 total sessions = 12 hours (to be used/scheduled within 90 days of coach/client agreement signing)

  • Grief is a very natural response, & dichotomous experience that each person faces throughout their lifetime. We often think that grief is only related to the loss or death of a loved one, when on the contrary grief is the result of “conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior” (The Grief Recovery Handbook, 2009). Society has conditioned most of us to ignore, deny or push past emotions in general- never mind when it comes to grief. As both an energy worker & former Hospice nurse, Maria has witnessed how grief can either swallow us up or teach us some of life’s most profound & potent lessons. In a time of massive change and shifts on this Earth plane, the human collective is grieving what life used to be. What aspects and/or areas of your life have changed and have not yet been grieved?

  • In this action-based coaching program you will learn empowering tools to help YOU move through the grieving process, so that you may heal from any and all perceived losses experienced thus far in your life 

  • This program will assist you in acknowledging, honoring, feeling & releasing the emotions that can often keep us "stuck" from living life to our fullest potentials

  • Total charge when paid in full @ contract signing = $888.00, otherwise sessions will be charged @ $88.00/hour.

Contact & Scheduling

Text or Call: 602-469-3323

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