Energy Work/ Light Guided Energy Healing
Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healings:

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Psychopomp/ Death Doula

Time & Price for this service is based on need/person because it can work a few different ways, so a 15 minute consultation prior to service is necessary. 

Price for crossing over a stuck soul whom has already passed $90, but varies based on need/time.

If you have someone who is on life support or in coma then both Maria and Samantha can communicate with that person and see what the guides recommend and what is best for that soul- whether that soul is brought back to wake -up so they die on their own terms, or if there is a deeper plan. 

** If we find that the person has already crossed over then there is no charge, unless you want a Mediumship reading where you can communicate with that soul.**

** Click here for a more detailed understanding of service.  

It is all about providing the soul with peace (whether they have already passed, are actively dying, wanting to understand more of the afterlife, and/or a loved one is having trouble coping with their loved one who is dying).

Soul Retrieval 

$350 in total 4-5 sessions (can pay this in increments)​


Do you ever feel a void from within? When we have this feeling we most likely have suffered from some kind of soul loss- which almost every human has as a result of trauma & life experiences. We can lose parts of our soul for infinite reasons- i.e. heartache, job loss, separation, accidents,  illness, loss of a loved one, etc. Soul loss can happen in this current life , as well as have happened in past lives which often leads to imbalances in this current life, such as anxiety, motion sickness, unexplained phobias, limiting beliefs, etc. We all perceive pain differently, thus traumas have different energetic impacts on each of us. Often when we feel trauma, our soul parts "separate" out as a protection/defense mechanism. If we find out which parts of us have been suppressed or "gone into hiding", then we can retrieve and use them to help us with our life now.


The soul parts returned in this healing are NOT the ones affected by the trauma, but rather the pure essence of your soul that existed prior to the trauma. This is a beautiful modality if you are ready to truly connect back with your pure Light and soul. 

With any retrieval there is consent, prep work, energy light healing beforehand, as well as power animal retrieval, guidance from Spirit and 2-3 follow up sessions post retrieval (each 30- 45 minutes). 

If you're conflicted on a reading vs. a healing, know that with many of the readings, a form of energy healing often happens. Guidance will also come through leaving you feeling more connected with your Soul. :)

Book with either Samantha or Maria :

Trance Energy Light Healing

  • $44 Quick Fix 20 minutes

  • $90 for 45 minutes

  • $110 for 1 hour

  • ​​​​Both Samantha & Maria are able merge w/the compassionate light beings, as well as w/the elements (fire, water, earth, air, sun/moon), light masters, star systems and all divine energies that want to be part of the session. They will go into a deep shamanic trance state to channel and deliver you healing for your highest & best. All recommended healing is per the guidance of Spirit & both Maria and Samantha act as "the hollow bone" to deliver/channel these individual healings. 
  • Energy extractions, return of lost soul body parts, chakra balancing, and so much more happen during these sessions

Ancestral Clearing

  • $75 for 45 minutes
  • energy work to clear your chakras and center yourself followed by ancestral work of traveling to an original ancestral wound that has been energetically passed on throughout the generations; getting healing with it and bringing that healing forward to sever the ties attached to this that no longer serve you or your ancestral line. ​

Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Monopoly of Light

  • This service is done by Samantha & Maria at the same time for the 1st session which is approx1hr -1.5 hr in duration, and is a new age form of Psychopomp given to Samantha by her Guides for the human collective at this time. This healing modality's intention is to recalibrate your DNA and alchemize energy within your body due to the recent "shot" that many have felt forced to receive. Samantha was guided that it needs to be done by both she & Maria for the 1st session. If you are having any "post-shot" symptoms, have regrets about getting it, and/or are at odds with it and your body, then this is the healing session for you! 

  • The first part is $150 (includes body scan & guidance) and the following 2 sessions after are $55 each. If soul retrieval is needed with this then it will be an extra $177 on top of original fee. If interested send an email & mention when you received the shot, any concerns you have, & date/time you are available.

Book with Samantha Only :

  • Regression Hypnotherapy

    •  This is a wonderful session to travel into your life/past life to get healing and guidance, meet your angelic team and family in spirit as well as get some clarity on your gifts. Samantha does energy clearing prior to the regression & healing at the end to seal in the energy. Click here for more information. 

  • Moms To-Be

    • $90 for 1 hour​

    • Pregnant moms who want a little extra bonding to bring you even closer on a deep soul level as well as time to disconnect from the external world and connect inward with your new soon-to-be world then this is for you. In this session Samantha finds if there are any karmic ties, and/or ancestral wounds that need to be cleared, which helps both mom and baby (and ancestors) live a better life because old connections are now brought into the light of the divine. Wisdom/Guidance may come through during this session as well.  

  • Joint Healing

    • $133 for 1 hour

    • This is for partners, parent and child, siblings etc.- essentially any relationship where 2 people want to strengthen their bond, support each other in releasing and clearing & hold the light for one another. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and another. Both people need to agree to the session prior to booking.