Akashic Records

An Akashic Record is your "soul book" or blueprint/signature of all your incarnations. The Akashic field holds all the energy & wisdom of the past, present & future.


By diving into a past life Akashic Record you can learn all about who you were (and still are), what talents you had, who your family was, and so much more! 

Here is where you can get soul guidance to promote vitality and healing in your current life. 

Akashic Record Reading 

Past Life Akashic Record with Healing 

(2 part reading; 15 minutes is spent on an energy healing session)

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

   (with Samantha only)

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** Want to work 1 on 1 to tap into your Akash, connect with your Guides and have constant access to your soul? Check out Soul Illuminating Life Mentoring or Send Samantha an e-mail to chat!!!**

Medical Intuition &

Aura Scan

(with Samantha only)

  • Intuitive Aura Scans

    • $77 for 45 minutes

      • take a look at your energy field, your aura, any energy blocks/intrusions, chakra imbalances, areas of concern within your system and receive guidance​ from the universe & what Guides/Angels are with you.  

  • Organ Sweep

    • $77 for 45 minutes

      • if you have a problem area or health concern- book this to get wisdom on it from your soul and your Guides; plus receive energy healing and other tips that you can do for your well- being. This a form of medical intuition, learned from studying Arcturian Healing and Edgar Cayce

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Readings Below can be booked with either Samantha or Maria

  • Mediumship

    • $70 for 30minutes

    • $100 for 1 hour

      •  A reading to help you re-connect with loved ones and pets who've passed on as well as with Guides/Angels who are waiting to chat with you & support you with your life now. Remember- You are never alone! 

           * Mediumship Mondays 6pm-9pm **(as directed on NH Metaphysical Site)

            Click on length of time to book * only with Samantha


           1 hour

  • Soul Guidance

    • $77 for 45mins

      • This will be an Akashic Record Reading where we go into the energy of your personal record aka soul to provide you with the wisdom​ you seek



  • Soul Set 

    • $110 for 1 hour​

      • This is a double whammy of soul fun where you get a half hour of guidance/Spirit communication and a half hour of energy healing. Or, you can choose how you want to divide up the time between the two modalities. This is great because when we get soul guidance and connect with our Guides for wisdom, healing is usually recommended from spirit to kickstart your well-being process and/or enhance it. 

  • Dream interpretation

    • $44 for 30 mins

      • If you are having odd, frightening, confusing or a recurring dream over and over then let's find out why. Dreams connect us to our deeper consciousness and are filled with messages, wisdom and healing from the Spirit world.

  • Animal Communication

    • $60 for 30 mins
      • Want to connect with a pet in spirit or learn more about your pets now, then this is the reading for you. Get in touch with your fury friends in a more energetic, soul felt way 

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and Power Animals

    • ​$ 55 for 30 mins 

      • Get to know your Spirit Guides so you can build a partnership and work together to better your life. This reading helps you get to know them, as well as to why and how they want to work with you. Sometimes they even want to deliver you healing right during your session​.

  • Psychometry

    • $33​ for 20 mins

      • If you have an item (ring, brioche. keys, journal, sweater, etc.) anything that you want to know the history of then this is for you.


  • New Moon & Full Moon Energy Clearing/Balanacing  as well as indivudlal card pull and reading from spirit with it. Each moon is $20 (clearing over 3 days) or save $10 and for $30 a month you get two x the love with healing and messages with both moons and you don't need to even think about it. Samantha will send you the messages within 48hours after the moon peaks. If you have a certain intention for the moon, contact Samantha prior. 

New moons:  2/1, 3/2, 4/1, 4/30, 5/30, 6/28, 7/28, 8/27, 9/25, 10/25, 11/23, 12/23

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If our times don't work for you, then please contact either of us directly! :) 


Readings with Spirit & the Universe are beautiful gifts to give to yourself
and your loved ones.