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The Branches (Services)



If the booking times don't work for you, please contact either of us via text or email to set-up a time that works best.    

*   781-316-4415

Book with Samantha -> CLick Here

*   602-469-3323

Book with Maria - > CLick Here 


Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Cash & Check. 

If you can't decide what you want, but know your soul is calling for something please contact us and we can chat to find the service that best suits your needs :)

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An Akashic Record is your "soul book" or blueprint/signature of all your incarnations. The Akashic field holds all the energy & wisdom of the past, present & future. By diving into a past life you can learn all about who you were (and still are), what talents you had, who your family was, and so much more! 

Here is where you can get soul guidance to promote vitality and healing in your current life: 

Akashic Record Reading 

Past Life Akashic Record with Healing (2 part reading : 15 minutes is spent on an energy healing session)

  • $90 for 45 minutes

  • $120 for hour and 15 minutes

** Want to work 1 on 1 to tap into your Akash, connect with your Guides and have constant access to your soul? Check out Soul Illuminating Life Mentoring or Send Samantha an e-mail to chat!!!**

  • Intuitive Aura Scans

    • $77 for 45 minutes

      • take a look at your energy field, your aura, any energy blocks/intrusions, chakra imbalances, areas of concern within your system and receive guidance​ from the universe & what Guides/Angels are with you.  

  • Organ Sweep

    • $77 for 45 minutes

      • if you have a problem area or health concern- book this to get wisdom on it from your soul and your Guides; plus receive energy healing and other tips that you can do for your well- being. This a form of medical intuition, learned from studying Arcturian Healing and Edgar Cayce

  • Mediumship

    • $70 for 30minutes

    • $100 for 1 hour

      •  A reading to help you re-connect with loved ones, pets and Guides/Angels who've passed and are waiting to chat with you. Remember- You are never alone! 

 * Mediumship Mondays 6pm-9pm **(as directed on NH Metaphysicals Site)

  •    Click on length of time to book

  • Soul Guidance

    • $77 for 45mins

      • This will be an Akashic Record Reading where we go into the energy of your personal record aka soul to provide you with the wisdom​ you seek.

  • Soul Set 

    • $110 for 1 hour​

      • This is a double whammy of soul fun where you get a half hour of guidance/Spirit communication and a half hour of energy healing. Or, you can choose how you want to divide up the time between the two modalities. This is great because when we get soul guidance and connect with our Guides for wisdom, healing is usually recommended from spirit to kickstart your well-being process and/or enhance it. 

  • Dream interpretation

    • $44 for 30 mins

      • If you are having odd, frightening, confusing or a recurring dream over and over then let's find out why. Dreams connect us to our deeper consciousness and are filled with messages, wisdom and healing from the Spirit world.

  • Connect with your Spirit Guides and Power Animals

    • ​$ 55 for 30 mins 

      • Get to know your Spirit Guides so you can build a partnership and work together to better your life. This reading helps you get to know them, as well as to why and how they want to work with you. Sometimes they even want to deliver you healing right during your session​.

  • Psychic Intuitive 3 Questions via Email (Response  <72hours)

    • $25​

    • Don't have time to schedule an appointment but want advice then send an email with your detailed questions and you will receive a response in less than 48 hours. 

  • Psychometry

    • $33​ for 20 mins

    • If you have an item (ring, brioche  keys, journal, sweater.... anything) that you want to know the history of then this is for you.

With many of the Readings, a form of energy healing happens and when Energy Healing happens, guidance comes through so either way- your soul will feel good :)

Trance Energy Light Healing

  • $44 Quick Fix 20 minutes

  • $90 for 45 minutes

  • $110 for 1 hour

  • ​​​​Both Samantha & Maria are able merge w/the compassionate light beings, as well as w/the elements (fire, water, earth, air, sun/moon), light masters, star systems and all divine energies that want to be part of the session. They will go into a deep shamanic trance state to channel and deliver you healing for your highest & best. All recommended healing is per the guidance of Spirit & both Maria and Samantha act as "the hollow bone" to deliver these individual healings. 

Moms To-Be

  • $90 for 1 hour​

  • Pregnant moms who want a little extra bonding to bring you even closer on a deep soul level as well as time to disconnect from the external world and connect inward with your new soon-to-be world then this is for you. In this session Samantha finds if there are any karmic ties, and/or ancestral wounds that need to be cleared, which helps both mom and baby (and ancestors) live a better life because old connections are now brought into the light of the divine. Wisdom/Guidance may come through during this session as well.  

Joint Healing

  • $133 for 1 hour

  • This is for partners, parent and child, siblings etc.- essentially any relationship where 2 people want to strengthen their bond, support each other in releasing and clearing & hold the light for one another. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself and another. Both people need to agree to the session prior to booking. 

Melchezidek Method

Ancestral Clearing

Monopoly of Light

  • This service is done by Samantha & Maria at the same time for the 1st session which is approx1hr -1.5 hr in duration, and is a new age form of Psychopomp given to Samantha by her Guides for the human collective at this time. This healing modality's intention is to recalibrate your DNA and alchemize energy within your body due to the recent "shot" that many have felt forced to receive. Samantha was guided that it needs to be done by both she & Maria for the 1st session. If you are having any "post-shot" symptoms, have regrets about getting it, and/or are at odds with it and your body, then this is the healing session for you! 

  • The first part is $150 (includes body scan & guidance) and the following 2 sessions after are $55 each. If soul retrieval is needed with this then it will be an extra $177 on top of original fee. If interested send an email & mention when you received the shot, any concerns you have, & date/time you are available.

$350 in total 4-5 sessions (can pay this in increments)​


Do you ever feel a void from within? When we have this feeling we most likely have suffered from some kind of soul loss- which almost every human has as a result of trauma & life experiences. We can lose parts of our soul for infinite reasons- i.e. heartache, job loss, separation, accidents,  illness, loss of a loved one, etc. Soul loss can happen in this current life , as well as have happened in past lives which often leads to imbalances in this current life, such as anxiety, motion sickness, unexplained phobias, limiting beliefs, etc. We all perceive pain differently, thus traumas have different energetic impacts on each of us. Often when we feel trauma, our soul parts "separate" out as a protection/defense mechanism. If we find out which parts of us have been suppressed or "gone into hiding", then we can retrieve and use them to help us with our life now.


The soul parts returned in this healing are NOT the ones affected by the trauma, but rather the pure essence of your soul that existed prior to the trauma. This is a beautiful modality if you are ready to truly connect back with your pure Light and soul. 

With any retrieval there is consent, prep work, energy light healing beforehand, as well as power animal retrieval, guidance from Spirit and 2-3 follow up sessions post retrieval (each 30- 45 minutes). 


Are you buying a new home, already moved, did renovations, are a small business owner or have a new office space? Or maybe you've gone through some intense emotional struggles/breakups where you live and need some revamping.... 

Perfect then this is for you :) 

To really bring in the good juju and to support your space in how you desire, it is important to clear out the old guck, lower residual energy 

During this process, I communicate with the land, spirits, and your space to gather wisdom and then do clearing and cleansing, as well as intention setting for what you desire out of your space.
*This is NOT a form of demonic removal a.k.a. de-possesion, but rather a clearing of the energy that is not yours. It's a way for you to work with the energy of your space/land in a cohesive partnership, & its truly beautiful because where we spend our time and feel at home is essential to a healthy mind, body & soul. 

There is a travel fee and you must already own/rent the space of which you are seeking clearing with. Depending on the space & the energy within it, will depend on the amount of time spent clearing/cleansing and intention setting. For further information just send me an email and mention the location. 
* Limited to  MA, NH, RI, Cape Cod

1.5 hours-2hours  $144 


This is a fun and deep way to connect with your consciousness and take a safe journey with your soul. Very much like when you are in a dream state except you are awake for it and being supported throughout the process. The healing from these sessions have the potential to bring about beautiful energetic shifts within her clients for days, weeks, and months to come. In these sessions you recover memories and wisdom from other lifetimes that are in your highest and best. 


·     They shift us into a deeper state of consciousness to; Reconnect with past life experiences; become aware and embrace key lessons and your missions from other life’s and your current life; see who was in our past that is in our life now; meet our guides/spirit animals; help us understand why we may have strong affinity with certain places/people; explore soulmate experiences; learn and release unresolved emotions, beliefs, fears, traumas that you haven’t been able to explain: 



At the start of the session Samantha will discuss with you what it is you are seeking guidance on and as you lie down or sit nice and comfortably, she will guide you through some practices to bring you into a deep state of calm. During this she will be welcoming in both you and her guides to support you in this process. Once you are in a deep state of calm, the journey begins.


Samantha does energy clearing and balancing either before, during and/or after your session pending what she is guided.


*Want to Journey into a past life of yours, feel the energy of it, experience who you were and who was in it, what your gifts were, what you did for work, how you passed? Click here for  Past Life Regression. It is a profound way to tap into YOU and come out of the session feeling empowered.*

Time & Price for this service is based on need/person because it can work a few different ways, so a 15 minute consultation prior to service is necessary. 

Price for crossing over a stuck soul whom has already passed $90, but varies based on need/time.

If you have someone who is on life support or in coma then both Maria and Samantha can communicate with that person and see what the guides recommend and what is best for that soul- whether that soul is brought back to wake -up so they die on their own terms, or if there is a deeper plan. 

** If we find that the person has already crossed over then there is no charge, unless you want a Mediumship reading where you can communicate with that soul.**

** Click here for a more detailed understanding of service.  

It is all about providing the soul with peace (whether they have already passed, are actively dying, wanting to understand more of the afterlife, and/or a loved one is having trouble coping with their loved one who is dying).


With All packages, the time you book will be your first session or you can email and set up appropriate times. 


  • Aura scan, Akashic Record Past Life Reading & 45 minute energy light healing session  $170


  • Soul retrieval with past life akashic record reading $377


  • energy healing sessions (45 minutes each); you can choose which type of healing or do trance healing where Samantha combines all energy modalities $222


  • Personalized email every day for 40 days to bring forth understanding of emotions and how they affect us, understanding chakras, shadow work, and connecting with the angels and source. Guided meditations and reflection practices included. A true transformational package get in tune with yourself. $89

With All packages, the time you book will be your first session or you can email (just click here) and set up appropriate times. 


The Colors of Your Health 


  • 5 Class Series on connecting with your energy centers and with soul for a better you. 


Melchezidek Tripple Hologram

28 minutes long of high god frequency energy healing to support healing of your cells, DNA, 

  • Soul Illumination Intuitive Life Coaching

  • With Samantha- Connect back to YOU, your soul, your mission, and your truth through Intuitive guidance, spiritual mentoring, understanding the spiritual awakening process and energy shifts; shadow and inner child work; receiving and using energy healing; connecting with your guides, loved ones, angels, etc.), and finding balance within your life to live a better YOU. When we grow and raise our vibration, it also helps those around us grow and raise their vibration. 


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You landing on our page is not a coincidence. We can ALL benefit from healing @ different times in our lives. Although it's sometimes hard to admit this, healing is the best gift you can give to yourself (and has a powerful energetic trickle effect on those around you). Connecting with a loved one in Spirit, getting guidance from your soul, the Angels and your Guides, and/or energy work are all modalities that can facilitate healing. Not only do we want to help YOU with your healing process (whatever that may be for you), but we're also here to guide & help you make sense of your own spiritual/healing journey.  Healing is not a set protocol- we're all born w/ different soul signatures & undergo different life experiences. In turn- healing needs are individual to each person. Wouldn't you like to know what your soul is calling out for you to know and to heal from so you can live your life to its highest and best? We are here in service of humanity to promote a paradigm of health & wellness to all who seek it. 

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