You’re worth it

Feel like you are always giving to others and not to yourself? This is the perfect candle for healing, bringing abundance & manifesting your own self love and all that you want that is in align with your highest & best, because you are worth it. Ingredients: Lemon Peel & Forget me Not Flowers, with Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Lemon, Rosewood essential oils. Crystals: tigers’ eye, fluorite

Small candles (8oz) $16            Large Candles (12 oz) $22 

You're Worth IT* Intention

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  • Intention Candles

    Hand made with all-natural organic essential oils, flowers, herbs, soy wax, cotton wick and crystals intended for the purpose of the candle. Each candle has a certain intention and is infused with positive, loving healing energy with channeling from the Divine and the Spirit of the Sage plant. It’s all natural ingredients are intended safe for those with allergies, respiratory issues, and pets; they naturally cleanse and purify the air unlike many store bought high fragranced candles that are used just for smell and/or to mask smells (harsh chemicals in those) If you have any allergies to fragrances or herbs please keep that in consideration prior to ordering due to what is in each candle.

    Small candles (5oz) $14 Large Candles (12 oz) $22