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Handmade Salts Bath/Shower Scrub: Sexy not Salty

No bad vibes here- release the saltiness, crummy and negative energy from your day and auric field because you are too beautiful for all that. 


Main ingredients: Mineral Empson salt for its detoxifying, healing and relaxing properties. Eucalyptus essential oil- releases stressors, negative energies, aches/pains, helps with respiratory and sinus issues, provides mental clarity & purifies your energy. Jasmine flowers- beauty, sensuality, luck, appreciation, purity and love; and intention infused divine healing energy.  Even if you can’t take a nice relaxing tubby, you can take some of the salt and rub it in your hands, breathe it in and rub it on your chest and body.



TIP: The element of water matched with the powerhouse earth element of salt are super cleansing, detoxifying, relaxing and purifying. Become friends with the water everytime you shower/bathe by showing it gratitude, asking it for healing and support in releasing what no longer serves you & is not yours to hold onto; and imagine the water rinsing off all impurities, anxieties, stresses, ailments, aches and pains down the drain.

Sexy, Not Salty ** Relax & Detox Bath Salts/Scrubs

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