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Light Language Activation. 

Samantha goes into your Akashic Records and connects with the current energies to see what it is you need to support you and gets a personalized channeling. This channeling will be Light language to activate your cellular memory. Light Language is the sound of higher vibratory loving energy. Sound carries multidimensional symbols that surpass the conscious intellicatul analytical mind and becomes a feeling that moves your being. It supports the embodiment process of releasing stuck emotions, patterns and behaviors to move you more into your most aligned self. You can also contact Samantha and ask for channelling based on a specific energy you really want divine support with. This channelling is from your divine light beings so you are encouraged to listen to this many times especially before bed to support the rewiring of your nervous system. This is a very powerful transmission that will be recorded and emailed to you. $88 

Light Language Reading

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