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Handmade Clearing & HighVibing Spray: Sage that Sh** Away the Ocean Way

If you cant light a sage smudge stick like when indoors, in crowds, around toxic energy then use this. Helps remove lower/negative energies, relaxes the mind and cleanses the aura/space as well as protect against lower vibes. Ingredients: ocean water, white sage & eucalyptus essential oils; Amethyst & Clear Quartz clusters.


Handmade with positive, loving intention and energy from the divine as well as channeling of the Spirit of the Sage plant. All-natural ingredients and full moon infused salty ocean, rain, or filtered water. Best potency- use within the 4 months from date on bottle.

  • Small sprays (2oz) $11

Sage That Sh** Away ** Clearing & Uplifting Sprays For You & Your Space

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