The "Bark & Elements"
Branches Handmade Products

Everything is organic & handmade, has the main intention to support your spirit and soul with self-illumination & empowerment; as well as individualized intentions based on product. Samantha channels her guides during making of each product. *No alcohol or astringents added to prevent any sensitive smell issues, allergy flare ups, respiratory issues & for children/pet safety.  


    Soul Boxes $44

Personalized made to order boxes that includes one salt, one spray and one 8oz candle (your choice or leave it up to spirit) along with spirit picked crystals, guided items and maybe guidance/reading from spirit. This is a great gift for the soul for you or the ones you love. You can add extras to it to for additional cost. 


Intention Candles

Hand made with all-natural organic essential oils, flowers, herbs, soy wax, cotton wick and crystals intended for the purpose of the candle. Each candle has a certain intention and is infused with positive, loving healing energy with channeling from the Divine and the Spirit of the Sage plant. Its all-natural ingredients are intended safe for those with allergies, respiratory issues, and pets; they naturally cleanse and purify the air unlike many other high fragranced candles that are used just for smell and/or to mask smells (harsh chemicals in those).

If you have any allergies to fragrances or herbs, please keep that in consideration

prior to ordering due to what is in each candle.     

 8oz    $16     *       12 oz   $24


Reset & Zen

  • Take time for yourself. Ingredients: Lavender & Eucalyptus oils with Hibiscus, Silk Albizia, Lavender and Chamomile flowers. Crystals: rose quartz, tigers’ eye, fluorite


Awake & Heal

  • Lacking energy? Have brain fog? Light this for a calming yet rejuvenating healing energy. Ingredients: Rosewood, Clary Sage, Bergamot & Lemongrass essential oils with Helichrysum, Purple Gomphrena, Lily & Hibiscus flowers. Crystals: green aventurine, rose quartz, amethyst



  • Masculine scents with grounding energy of Mother Earth to bring you balance, stability & protection. Ingredients: Cedarwood, Bergamot, Orange, Rosemary & Vanilla essential oils with Clove, Rosemary, & bay leaf.  Crystals: Clear Quartz & tigers’ eye. When this candle burns so wont the bay leaf which is a natural form of protection.


Baby Bloomer (custom order)

  • For fertility, healthy pregnancy, moms to be, momma and baby bonding as well as healing of reproductive organs, sacral & heart chakra. Ingredients: Lily, Chamomile, Rose pedal & Jasmine flowers; and Jasmine & Orange Essential oils. Crystals: amethyst, carnelian & rose quartz.



  • This candle infuses your space, mood and energy with the ultimate holiday vibes by clearing lower energy, while bringing peace, calm, love in as well as nature. Essential oils: cinnamon, orange, vanilla, cedar, with crushed clove, pine needles, and dried red roses. Crystals: green aventurine, rose quartz, & white howlite


Abundance/Clearing Sprays/Sage Bundle

Hand made with positive, loving intention and energy from the divine as well as channeling of the Spirit of the Sage plant. All-natural ingredients and full moon infused ocean, rain, and/ or filtered water. I spray it around me before each client, when I am in stressful situations, to clear my mind &body, crowded areas; when vibes need to be raised, as well as around my plants (they like it), on crystals and so forth.                

Small sprays (2oz) $6         Large sprays (8oz) $14


Sage Bundles with white sage and either an Amethyst or Rose Quartz Crystal attached, your choice $12

Sage that Sh** Away 

  • If you can’t light a sage smudge stick like when indoors, in crowds, around toxic energy use this. Helps remove lower/negative energies, relaxes the mind and cleanses the aura/space as well as protect against lower vibes. Ingredients: ocean water, white sage & eucalyptus essential oils; Amethyst & Clear Quartz clusters.


Love Thyself & Harmony

  • Spray your space and aura for quick relaxation; to show yourself some extra love because you deserve it; before bed and/or when clearing of lower energies during those stressful times is needed. Ingredients: Witch hazel, filtered water; Rose quartz & Amazonite clusters; chamomile & lavender flowers; white sage, rosewood, sweet orange, chamomile & lavender essential oils.

Moon Juice

  • Perfect spray for aligning & balancing your energies, grounding yourself, as well as connecting more with the divine feminine and goddess of the moon. Ingredients: Ocean water; lavender, frankincense, clary sage essential oils; lavender flower; moonstone, rose quartz, clear quartz, & carnelian crystals.

Merlins Magic

  • Merlin is a very powerful spirit guide of mine- his wisdom & magic are endless. Spray this when you feel like you need some extra magic, abundance, and creativity in your space. Before or while you spray just ask Merlin to fill your space and work with you to support you in what you are trying to do or seek wisdom on. Ingredients: Moon water, witch hazel; clary sage, eucalyptus, rose & rose petals; & amethyst crystals


Hand Made Bath Salts/Scrubs  $7 

The main ingredients: Empson salt and Baltic Dead Sea Salt for the detoxifying, healing and relaxing properties; all-natural flowers/herbs; and intention infused divine healing energy. The element of water matched with the powerhouse earth element of salt are super cleansing, detoxifying, relaxing and purifying. Become friends with the water by showing it gratitude, asking it for healing and support in releasing what no longer serves you & is not yours to hold onto; and imagine the water rinsing off all impurities, anxieties, stresses, ailments, aches and pains. Even if you can’t take a nice relaxing tubby, you can take some of the salt and rub it in your hands, breathe it in and rub it on your chest and body.         


Sexy, not Salty 

No bad vibes - release the salty vibes, crummy moods, and negative energy from your day and auric field because you are too beautiful for all that. Ingredients: Eucalyptus essential oil- releases stressors, negative energies, aches/pains, helps with respiratory and sinus issues, provides mental clarity & purifies your energy. Jasmine & chamomile flowers- relaxation, beauty, sensuality, luck, appreciation, purity and love.  


Salty Betch, Relax

Relax and release mentally, physically and emotionally what no longer serves you so you can enjoy life; helps with balancing the chakras especially the heart chakra; and for stress, depression, pains, aches, menstrual cramps, neuropathy, tension, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, GI upset, colds, mild skin conditions, sunburns, dehydrated and imbalanced pH skin levels- basically whenever. Ingredients: Lavender (flower & essential oil), rose petals and chamomile flower.


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