This coaching is unlike any other. Samantha's intention for life coaching is more of a form of mentoring to uproot all the baggage that's been weighing you down so you can return back to your truth- to your soul. She wants to support her clients with RETURNING TO SELF aka to remember who they truly are on a soul level. With this coaching the focus is on you and your connection to self so you can live a more peaceful life and  one that allows you to feel all the love and support that you are and that is around you. She wishes to help her clients step into alignment because when we are aligned with ourselves, things flow easier, external factors do not rule our world and life feels, as well as looks brighter.

  • This is for those that want to become aware of (and/or strengthen) their innate tools/gifts while receiving support and guidance from the universe in order to better their life. 

  • Finding their blocks to success and having the life they desire

  • Are ready to release traumas from their body (this life and past lifes) to not only help themselves but their family history 

  • Help with finding ones soul purpose, relationships issues (family, partners, self), career changes, energy shifts, confidence, self-love and self-care

  • EMPOWERMENT to be confident in your skin & to own your truth

This coaching/mentoring has customized sessions with individual plans guided by your needs and desires along with wisdom from Samanthas guides as well as your guides; and don't worry you will get to learn who your guides are through this coaching.

Although each persons coaching is different here is an idea of what could be entailed with yours: 

  • Diving into what you want to learn about yourself, make sense of, heal from

  • Building a relationship with your nervous system so you can handle when tension arises rather than trapping it in your body

  • Intuition Work (trusting yourself, understanding messages coming in, etc.)

  • Spiritual awakening and understanding 

  • Trauma & Shadow Work

  • Calming your mind and listening to your heart

  • Safe Space to express self & learn about yourself

  • Guidance straight from the Universe

  • Tapping into your souls mission

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Tools to use everyday

  • Learn how to set up sacred space 

  • Learn Shamanic practices to ramp up your healing and well being

  • Aura Energy Scans pre/post (longer packages)

  • Medical Intuition and Organ sweeps (if illness is an issue)

  • Connect with your loved ones, guides, angels, and the Universe

  • Receive energy healing and chakra clearing/balancing

  • Tap into your individual energy centers

  • Ancestral Healing 

  • Past Life Reading(s) & Healing

  • Regression Hypnotherapy and/or Soul Retrieval


A Safe and supportive container for one to expand into who they desire to be. I support you in getting in tune with your nervous system so you can handle the tension of everyday life with more grace and understanding for not only self, but for others. I support you to become more aware of your intuition, innate gifts and understanding your energy centers in order to have a life you desire. Through connecting to your own energy/source and with the modification of thoughts and emotions, Soul Illumination Intuitive Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring makes it possible for a client to create the desired life by strengthening the connection of mind, body and spirit. Intuitive life coaching helps one tap into themselves safely in order to understand their strengths and how to identify and address self-impairing thoughts and habits as well as to handle trauma ( in whichever form) so it doesn't define who you are. In turn, you benefit from knowing how to avoid future trauma or damage. Additional benefits include healing old wounds, hurts, and blockages; and moving into more peaceful states of being. The biggest benefit is healing at the highest level between mind, body, and spirit, which helps you to move forward in a positive direction. The best gift you can give to others is the one you give to yourself first- time, love, acceptance and patience. 



Why I started Coaching...

Through my own life experiences and spiritual awakening/journey I have learned so much and the most important lesson was, MYSELF. I remembered who I was through deep shadow work, self love, forgiveness of myself and others, becoming aware of my emotions, and realizing I can not 'save' everyone nor can I keep pushing people to be better who are not ready or who do not think they are stuck. The only person I can have a handle on is myself. Once I remembered who I was, like deep in my soul, it was like I finally felt alive, and the world seemed so much brighter. What a beautiful feeling it is- one of peace. I want to educate people on the tools within them and around them that can help them live a better life, to feel peace, to feel all the love that is within each one of us. I got my Masters in Clinical Education in June of 2020 with the original plan to educate future nurses, but my mission has shifted and its to educate all who are ready, and to teach more holistic ways of understanding illness, preventing it, and not repeating karmic patterns.  

That being said, I was trying to figure out a way to help others not only on their spiritual journey but with their life by using my entire spiritual and educational tool box along with my connection to Source, so I became a certified holistic life coach through A.R.E. (The Association for Research & Enlightenment) under Peter Woodbury who learned from Edgar Cayce. I have studied Edgar Cayce, who is a medical intuitive and spirit communicator. I am also studying to be a somatic trauma coach with Mastin Kipp which helps us understand our nervous system and align it with what we desire in life. I have studied under many mediums, Reiki masters, light workers, and Shamans, but I learned that the best way to grow and learn is to go inward and listen to your soul. As well, as build trust with your guides and the spirit realm that is wise and compassionate- this is where true wisdom comes from. Since we are all different and have different missions here on Earth, I wanted to do a different type of coaching and have it be more of mentoring, more of connecting back to self, to soul with the support of myself and my divine spirit team.

I am big on communication, but we can talk all day about traumas and emotions, but  when we really allow ourselves to feel and understand those feelings, and have safe ways to release those -that is where the true healing takes place.  So, with my life coaching, communication will come in many forms to awaken your senses, to release your traumas, and to understand your gifts and 'super powers.' 

There will be conversational exchange, reflection writing, connecting with guides, angels, loved ones in spirit, feeling the energy in your body and so much more. 

I want to support others in becoming aware of their own inner tool box because we all have the ability to heal ourselves and to live with peace in our body, mind and soul.   When we raise our own vibration through self growth, patience and love then we in turn help those around us and love raise theirs subconsciously, and that is a beautiful thing. 

Key things :

  • Everyone's package is individualized and guided by their personal goals as well as what spirit recommends.

  • This coaching is to empower you, help you grow and heal; find out what your blocks are, what conditioned beliefs you have that are holding you back from your truth; bring about your innate gifts and allow you to feel the light within you. And, to trust that light within you!

  • When you book your first session, you will receive a form to fill out that will be utilized at the first session, but just sent early to save time.

  • For best results it is recommended to have at least 6- 12 sessions (one hour each). Some sessions within your package may run 15-20minutes longer/shorter than the hour based on what Spirit recommends- you will not be charged if the session goes over its allotted time. And if it goes under the allotted time then it will be made up for the next session.

  • When you buy a multiple session package you can always do 2 hours at once and just have that be 2 sessions, but must book that beforehand and not the day of.

  • All sessions via Zoom (unless otherwise set up for in person based on circumstance) 


  • If you book for a certain number of sessions in your coaching package, and feel like you would benefit from more sessions, they can be purchased at a discounted rate of $95 a session. ​

  • If you bought a package and feel as though the life coaching is not working for you and you have truly put in the work, then you can get refunded for only the remaining sessions you have left at $50/each. 

  • Note: This is not for those who just want a discounted rate at receiving readings and energy healings each session. This coaching is for those whom are ready to reset and rejoice in their life. This is for those who are ready to devote time to themselves and heal on a multitude of levels. This is for those who will take their journey to wellbeing seriously.  








All packages are intuitive based working with Source Energy and based around your specific goals/needs. The longer the coaching package, the more we dive into trauma work to rewire that brain, so you come more from an intuitive, trust yourself, heart-centered space filled with empowerment. 


  • 3 Months (9 sessions)

  • First session is 1.5 hours, Following is 1 hour each

    • One session can run longer than the others pending on what the guides have in mind, and any session that is cut short can be added onto the next session. 

  • This is great for those who are familiar with their intuitive 'gifts' and want to strengthen them and/or strengthen their bond with spirit and their guides. Or, for someone who is trying to understand energy shifts & needs guidance. Someone who is trying to get a handle on their wellbeing and work in partnership with their nervous system and get in touch with their soul on a deeper level

  • Available via email in between sessions

  • Exercises for self growth and recorded meditations in between sessions

  • This will not include soul retrieval (unless impromptu retrieval happens, remember spirit facilitates)


  • 6 Months (18 sessions) 

  • First session is 1.5 hours (includes energy healing, assessment, paperwork, goals/focus, guidance); 1 hour each following

  • Email/Text availability in between sessions at any time

  • Check-ins from Mentor Coach to Client based on spirit guides guidance

  • Reflective Exercises for self-growth & individually tailored recorded meditations in between sessions to support with your journey

  • Spirit guided crystal to support you with your growth and healing

  • Intuitive energy scan

  • Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Included (this session 1.5hour)

  • 2 Moon Madness Events (4 total moons for energy work and spirit readings)

  • Chakra Work & Masculine Feminine Course

  • This is for those:

    • who want a longer term of direction and really want to dive into their self- growth/healing

    • understand the tools they have within to heal; work on balancing their chakras; guidance for their own spirituality; work with their guides and loved ones in spirit, etc. 

    • have a safe space to release and do intense shadow work to reset your nervous system to feel safe and to ride the tension in whatever form 


  •  9 Months (27 sessions) 

    •  If you want to shorten or lengthen the length of months and still do 27 sessions this can be worked out- this is for your wellbeing and healing.  

    • First session 2 hours (consult, goals, guidance, energy healing, assessment), following sessions 1 hour each

  • Intuitive Energy Scan

  • Includes 2 Past Life Regression(s) Hypnotherapy Sessions &/or Soul Retrieval allowing enough time to see/feel energy shifts happen as well as understand the gifts returned from soul retrieval; and how to utilize them. If you have already had soul retrieval in the past, then we will see if more parts want to return to help you with your life now and if not then we will devise another major energy shifting plan

  • Chakra & Masculine Feminine Work Course 

  • 3 Moon Madness Events (6 total energy clearings while channelling the moon and spirit readings)

  • Email/Text availability in between sessions at anytime

  • Weekly check-ins from Mentor Coach to Client based on spirit guides guidance

  • Exercises for self-growth & individually tailored recorded meditations in between sessions to support with healing

  • Spirit guided crystal to support you with your growth and healing

  • ·More intense trauma informed coaching- connecting to parts; root cause of trauma; interpersonal function medicine; masculine/feminine energy components to really support you trusting yourself and your gifts  

  • Have a safe space to release and do intense shadow work to reset your nervous system to feel safe and to ride the tension in whatever form 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to meet people, support their journey, and connect them to Source (loved ones, energy, angels, guides, self etc.).

Email/text me and lets customize your coaching plan to empowerment, self love, grace and harmonious balance. 

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