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First off, CBD is not Marijuana & it does not get you high. 

Samantha has always felt passionately about CBD, and how Earth gives us all we need to heal. She takes CBD, her dogs take it and many of her loved ones take it- - and all have had dramatically beautiful effects in their bodies. It's a natural substance, that doesn't hurt the liver, as most manufactured medications do. CBD helps us to connect back with ourselves & our true healing nature. A few of its' main benefits are reduction in pain and inflammation within the body- amongst so much more! CBD doesn't make hospitals, doctors, insurance and/or pharmaceutical companies' money, therefore it's not encouraged and/or prescribed. However, there's a huge reason why CBD, hemp & Marijuana products are being legalized & taxed-- because it works! 

If you want to learn how it can help you and your loved ones/pets, please email Samantha to chat about what will work best for your health & wellness needs. 

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