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Samantha is the "roots" of Our Tree & Maria is the "trunk." Our overall mission is to continue to add more "branches" over the years as more healing practitioners awaken to their own gifts & innate Spiritual talents. We envision a growing healing business that will offer various modalities for people from ALL walks of life. We aspire to inspire diverse healers, who also share in our compassion & will to be of service to ALL of humanity. As a unified Collective, we can move mountains. 


Multidimensional Shamanic Practitioner & Lover of Life; Akashic Record & Past Life  Reader/Alchemist; Regression Hypnotherapist; Energy Trance Healer/Channeler of Light Beings;  Spirit, Angel, Soul & Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, *Soul Empowering Intuitive Life Coach (Holistic Life Coach & Trauma informed coach incorporating spirit, self awareness tools, energy healing, trauma work, chakra understanding  nervous system regulation, purpose finding, gift tapping, psychic tools, etc.); Melchizedek & Angel Energy Healer


Multidimensional Shamanic Practitioner; Akashic Record Reader; Energy Trance Healer; Spirit, Angel, Soul & Animal Communicator; Psychic Medium; Medical Intuitive, Sound Healer; Board Certified RN Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

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Jane McCarthy
"Branches" of Our Tree

"I am so excited and appreciative that the extremely talented and amazing team of Samantha and Maria have invited me into their Branches of Vibrational Healing as a practitioner for Energy, Emotional, Spiritual and Mindset Transformation!


I’m Jane McCarthy and I love collaborating with other powerful healers and interacting with people to improve their lives!  My specialty is my ability to see your higher potential and possibilities for your life and to guide you in transforming the blocks, challenges, frustrations, patterns, and beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life! As a result of my own life challenges, I’ve spent the last 25 years studying, learning and certifying in many methods working with Reiki, IET, Melchizedek, Archangels, Quantum Physics, Shadow Work, Emotional Frequency Management, Auric Light Alchemy, Galactic, and others.  I’ve used these techniques with others and to help myself heal and survive in my stressful 30+ year corporate business career, and through the death of my husband, father, and numerous life events and transitions.


I’m excited to share my comprehensive spiritual knowledge and wisdom to Liberate you from your Limitations!! 

Below are specific session options that are available for you to select from.  If you’re not sure which one best serves your individual needs, we can schedule a call to determine your path forward."




Remote Session Options:

Intuitive Soul Coaching: working with you to uncover your light and awaken your Soul.  We look at your shadows, your stories, your vibrational frequency and create customized solutions and tools to expand your awareness and consciousness!

                        $50 for 30 minutes

                        $75 for 60 minutes (*Special rate)


Deep Dive Session:  In this powerful session to liberate you from limitations, we work with your subconscious mind and body to discover hidden negative emotions that are either inherited or trapped. We may also remove heart walls or clear energetic connections that are limiting you.  Whatever we release is replaced with empowering positive emotions and then integrated! Personal experience and sessions shared with many other healers has confirmed that these sessions access and liberate deeper blocks.

                        $60 for 30 minutes

                        $85 for 60 minutes (*Special rate)


Energy Transformation Sessions:  Utilizing the energy clearing and transformation technique that’s most relevant to your specific needs, we may work with your chakras, your Light Body, focus on general wellbeing, or use specific processes to clear detrimental energies, empower your healing and upgrade your light!

                        $50 for 30 minutes

                        $85 for 60 minutes (*Special rate)


If you’re ready to explore and experience these liberating sessions, please contact me at to schedule your session!

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