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Who's Who @ The
Spring Awakening Festival 2023

*Check out ALL of the beautiful practitioners & vendors who will be working alongside The Branches dynamic duo @ this empowering event! We have a fabulous lineup of heart-centered businesses who will be sharing their energy & invaluable services with the community of Wickenburg!*  

Meet The Practitioners


Samantha Shea RN & Maria Gingras RN

Join the dynamic duo of Branches, Samantha & Maria as they not only host this enlightening experience, but also share their LIMITLESS intuitive & healing gifts as Shamanic Practitioners/Psychic Intuitive Mediums @ the indoor wellness clinic.


They'll be offering discounted LIMITLESS sessions (as detailed under services tab on this website), as either individual practitioners, or as a team offering their very potent & popular "Yin-Yang" sessions.

To learn more about their backgrounds check out their "About Us" page HERE and/or feel free to browse all other pages throughout this website to learn more about the wide variety of services they offer.

Medium Adelita pic.jpg

Adelita Smith

Adelita is a natural born Psychic Medium and has always been sensitive to energies. Her first encounter with Spirit happened when she was only 4 years old. Throughout her life she tried to keep her abilities closed off, however Spirit had other plans for her. She has always felt a pull towards the paranormal and has been actively ghost hunting for more than 15 years. Those adventures have taken her to New Orleans, The Stanley Hotel, The Queen Mary, Tombstone and many more journeys throughout the southwest. In 2015 she published her first poetry book and shortly after that tragedy struck her family.  She experienced a true “rude awakening” with the death of her beloved son, Andrew. This changed her life path completely. Falling to her knees, her heart broke open and she realized that she could no longer deny or fend off her gifts. She began questioning her purpose, her own life and everything in general. She started looking for answers by meditating, following signs and going deeper within. Also during this time, she became a certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki master and teacher. Her healing birthed her second book, “Collateral Damage” that was published after her son Andrew’s suicide. Adelita has gifted all of the profits from the books first printing to “Military Moms”, the Lake Havasu City, AZ chapter. She owns her own business in the Phoenix area however her healing gifts have reached clients all around the world. Adelita loves to help others and often gifts her reiki sessions to the sick.  She provides closure and peace by delivering clear and evidential messages from souls who’ve graduated from this physical life. She is a fun and compassionate soul, she loves her family, friends and all animals. For more information about her services & books please visit her website:

Bella Luna pic.jpg

Bella Luna

Bella Luna is an extraordinary human being. Her incredibly unique ability to connect with Source is second to her kind, empathic & compassionate Soul. She uses her innate psychic gifts to deliver an array of healing services to her clients. Bella is a certified Reiki master & Spiritual Intuitive Medium. She also offers Gua Sha (scraping myofascial technique) & Cranio-Sacral Healing (CSH).

She'll be offering tarot card readings & reiki @ the indoor wellness clinic. Bella is here to guide others to living happier & healthier lives. For more information about all her services please visit her website:

Brenda Zyburt pic.jpg

Brenda Zyburt

Brenda is an Intuitive healer, who specialized in healing work.

She is a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner working with harmonies and vibrations. Music is the universal language.

The human voice is the most personal of all instruments because it’s resonance creates a direct communication with the heart. Sound allows us to choose to shift any mental program cemented in thought!

She is a Reiki Master, teacher she focuses on revealing “The Way of the Soul” with her clients. This is an amazing journey of self-discovery, self-truths and self-understanding.

The dearest to her heart is her art work, she is a Spirit Artist, tapping into the Universal Matrix creating breath taken art creations.

She offers: Sound Healing with Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, Crystal Therapy, Reiki Treatments, Spiritual Life Coaching, Chakra Balancing, and Guided Meditations.

The power of vibration heals the DNA, grounds the body & clears the mind for the ultimate alignment. Pure sound waves stream through as stress & pain disappear to create a profound state of peace & harmony.

Balancing your Energies Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual needs. 

Please stop by our "Sonic Lounge" @ the indoor healing clinic for a session w/ Brenda! For more details about her services please visit her website:

Chris Backlund pic.jpg

Chris Backlund

Chris spent the last several decades as a Registered Nurse with a primary focus on Surgical Nursing. 25 years ago, the hospital she was working at experienced an alarming number of crack cocaine babies born in the labor & delivery department. The hospital took an unprecedented step & trained the nurses in a Holistic Energy Healing course. The results were astounding. Chris soon realized that it was the only mode of treatment that worked to calm these tiny souls born with their mothers' addictions. She was blown away & thought, “Wow, there’s really something to this!”  

After leaving the nursing profession several years later, Chris took an intensive course & now practices as a certified Pure Energy Healer. As she uses crystals & high-vibrational frequencies to assist in the healing of others, she also notices she's healing herself. It’s an incredible experience of light, love and Spirit, that's she grateful to share each & every day.

Chris will be offering Pure Energy Healing Sessions w/ Balanced Life @ the indoor wellness clinic. 


Colleen Devey

Colleen is a certified Reiki Master & Pure Energy Healer. She is the owner of Balanced Life in Wickenburg. Her background includes over 20-years with essential oils & energy healing in the more recent years. She opened her crystal shop one year ago in Wickenburg, after following the guidance from Spirit as to where & how she was to share her gifts. Her business continues to grow as she's recently opened a second location. Colleen's stores have unique stones, herbal teas, homeopathic remedies & gifts and energy healing services. Stop by her store's locations @ 250 E Wickenburg Way & 960 W Wickenburg Way, daily from 10 AM- 4 PM (closed on Sundays). 

Colleen will be offering Pure Energy Healing Sessions @ the indoor wellness clinic. For more information about all her services please visit her website:


Cyndee Mubi

Cyndee is an energy healer that uses the beautiful frequencies of color to connect with her clients. Her primary modality is referred to as energy infused with color. She acts as a clear channel, & the universal energy that comes through her body & hands is then infused with a colored sacred silk or silks, (as each color has its own vibration), therefore, giving a deeper healing with divine grace, peace and love. 
She internationally trained in Switzerland at a metaphysical academy & has been doing this particular modality over a period of nine years, and energy work for over twelve years. It is amazing how color can heal us in so many ways. With that said, “As it is above, it is below. May the prism be your guide!" -Cyndee

She'll be offering energy infused with color healing sessions @ the indoor wellness clinic. Cyndee does work out of The Reiki Academy & she can be reached via email: or Business Phone: 928-900-4317. 

Elizabeth Rivera pic.JPG

Elizabeth Rivera

Elizabeth is the owner of Thrive Healing Center in Sun City West. She has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry to include integrative medicine & energy healing. As an Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, she offers lifestyle modifications to assist her clients in meeting their goals physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Elizabeth works to educate clients on how to take self- care to the next level. She uses healing tools from nature to support and transform the body systems, raising one's vibration through a myriad of naturopathic modalities and plant-based remedies. She tailors her services to the individual needs of each client. Thrive Healing Center (located @ 13925 W Meeker Blvd. Suite #17, Sun City West AZ) offers a wide range of healing modalities, made suitable and customizable to meet anyone's needs. Her business is truly holistic & provides a comforting atmosphere to meet your wellness needs. 

Elizabeth will be offering multiple healing modalities @ the indoor wellness clinic, as well as selling a variety of her homeopathic remedies. To learn more about all the services she offers please check her place out in person or visit the website:

Headshot 2023.jpg

Elyse Ann

Elyse is the owner of Elyse Ann – The Psychic Liaison Bridge to the Unseen TM, and for 20 years has been psychically guiding her clients to explore those areas that are
not in alignment with their true desires. She lovingly guides them to unearth their authentic self
so they too can lead a happier, more joyful, and empowered life.
As a Psychic Transformational Coach, Elyse Ann will guide and support you within a space of
love and compassion to explore the avenues of your subconscious that are blocking you. This
will allow you to recognize and transform those blocks. In doing so, you will be transforming and
empowering yourself to move forward with confidence. There is so much more that you can
create for yourself. Are you ready to change your life?!


Additional services offered include Space Clearing, Reiki / Visionary Healing, Private Parties,
and Corporate Events. She'll be offering Psychic readings & energy healings @ the indoor wellness clinic. For more information about all her serivces please visit her website:


Laurel Hernandez

Laurel is the owner of The Peaceful Pony in Wickenburg. She is a Spiritual Intuitive & energy healer. Her journey with toe reading began in 2012. This modality helps clients to understand patterns in their lives that may change with awareness, or the pattern continues as it suits them. Awakening to who we are, and what we are choosing is key to making changes or to develop a stronger connection to Self. Laurel offers by appointment, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, and Sound Bath for relaxation and balancing energy.

She'll be offering intuitive toe readings & Soul coaching @ the indoor wellness clinic. Laurel will also be selling health & wellness products from her store, as well as handcrafted wooden hearts made by local artist Mike Hernandez. For more information about her store & the services she offers please visit her website:

Patty Weick pic.jpg

Patty Weick

Patty is a Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Teacher and Multidimensional Healer.
She helps clear the communication between you and divinity, so you can reclaim your inner passion and move forward with
personal growth to live the life you came to live and be the person you want to be.
She uses her spiritual tools of meduimship, looking at past lives, sacred contracts, and energy in the body to help clear the
energy blocks that keep you feeling stuck. Patty helps you awaken your inner guidance, clear & align your chakras and find awareness of
the energy around you.

Patty will be offering intuitive readings/healings, Mediumship & past-life information @ the indoor wellness clinic. For more information about the services she offers please email her:

Peter Sterling pic.jpg

Peter Sterling

Joining us from the beautiful land of red rock, Sedona AZ is world-renowned harpist Peter Sterling.  

His career as a recording artist began in 1994 with his first album, Harp Magic, released on the World Disc label. Success came almost immediately as the recording was nominated for the Best Instrumental Album award by NAIRD (now A2IM), an organization for independent musicians. His acclaim continued and grew exponentially in the 2000s with multiple nominations from the prestigious website New Age Reporter/Zone Music Reporter, including several nominations for Album of the Year. His most recent recognition came in 2020 when he won the Hollywood Music and Media Award for Best New Age song. And also, in 2022 winning the Gold COVR Visionary Award for his album The Winding Way.

Besides his music, Peter is also a stained glass and visual artist and has been since before he began playing the harp. His beautiful art work decorates the interior of his Sedona house (including a gallery of his Portals of Light crystal alchemy paintings) which he shares with his son 7-year old son Micah (Peter is a stay at home father and loves it!). In the little spare time he has, he also conducts Jeep tours of Sedona’s canyons for private clients and he is also heavily involved with the growing CBD hemp industry. Even with such a full plate as he has, Peter found time to write a book, Hearing the Angels Sing, and he also conducts workshops on the science of sound healing and sacred geometry.

When he is asked “What is the best part of being a musician?” Peter answers “Creating music that touches the heart and soul of listeners…bring[ing] peace and healing to people all over the world. I love receiving letters about how my music has touched peoples’ lives.” Peter looks back at his path to the present now and humbled at his worldwide success.

Peter will be sharing his musical & artistic talents with us @ the indoor wellness clinic. He'll also be selling health & wellness products he advocates for. For more information about his services & music please visit his website:


Sidney Kendall

Sidney is the owner of The Catalyst Experience, and she's an intuitive breathwork, meditation & health/wellness coach. She has a variety of Spiritual tools in her "kit" that she uses to assist her clients in living more fulfilling lives. Sidney helps clients adopt healthier lifestyles, as she herself leads an active & balanced life. Through clean eating & her own journey in becoming a vegan, she's able to help client's meet their own unique nutritional needs. She also teaches different forms of breathwork & meditation to promote mental, emotional & Spiritual health. The Catalyst brings an experience that allows her clients to go inwards where they can seek love, wisdom & guidance; to be given the opportunity to find self-worth, self-love and to learn boundaries. Catalyst moments will bring in loving conscious awareness and learn how to align with the breath and divine energy, to truly know that all the answers are within. Catalyst most importantly teaches clients to be present & to be in the now.


Sidney will be offering beginner breathwork, visual meditations & intuitive readings @ the indoor wellness clinic. For more information about the services she offers please contact Sidney via email:

Terese Shanley pic.jpg

Terese Shanley RN

Terese Shanley is a RN, BSN who has had a long-life journey in wellness and healing, but it was not until the year 2000 that her Spiritual unfolding began out of her own personal experience.
She began teaching yoga and meditation in 2005 and taught for over 10 years. She then began immersing herself into training after training to help people heal from the inside out, using Energy Medicine, Soul Coaching, Essential Oils, Angel Therapy and Angel Card Readings. Enjoying her Spiritual practice of meditation and prayer every day, Terese’s Spiritual gifts began to unfold. She then began to be able to do intuitive readings helping people to navigate their life w/ comfort, clarity and ease. She became the Author of her first Angel Card Deck HOLY SPIRIT PRAYER and GUIDANCE DECK in 2018.

She'll be offering intuitive readings @ the indoor wellness clinic. Terese’s mission of being a clear channel of love, healing and guidance has led her to where she is now in Scottsdale, Arizona; serving the greater good, helping to love, heal, serve and guide. For more information about the services she offers please visit her website:

Gary M pic.jpg

Gary Moore

Gary Moore is a conscious channel, intuitive, psychic, and medium
who works w/ a variety of Spirit guides, including his main guides
Edgar Cayce and Chief White Eagle, as well as Asherah and The
Ancient Ones. Through his connection w/ these guides, Gary offers
guided meditations & sessions that help people connect w/ their
Spiritual side and receive beautiful messages and guidance. His ability to connect with the Spiritual realm and bring forth messages from loved ones, guides, and Angels has brought comfort & reassurance to many, and his sessions are often described as transformative, empowering, and healing, leaving individuals with a
sense of clarity and purpose. Gary's passion for helping others is
evident in the way he creates a safe and supportive space for
individuals to explore their Spiritual side. His clients have reported
feeling inspired and motivated to take positive action in their lives after
working with him. Overall, his messages have brought joy, hope,
& peace to countless individuals who seek Spiritual guidance and

Gary will be offering psychic mediumship readings through his trance channeling capabilities @ the indoor wellness clinic. To connect with Gary & learn more about his services please email:

Outdoor Vendors

k9 konnection logo.jpg

K9 Konnection

K9 Konnection is a 501 (C) (3) Not-for-profit organization (very near & dear to Maria's heart) that is dedicated to the rescue, shelter, re-uniting, and re-homing of dogs in need.

​They're committed to a “NO KILL” philosophy. In addition, they strive to assist dog owners in being able to properly care for their dogs that prevent them from needing to be removed or surrendered to an Animal Shelter by providing informational resources and a food bank for those struggling financially.

​If you live in Wickenburg or the surrounding area you probably know some of the individuals currently working at K9 Konnection.

​Open hours to the public are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. or by appointment. 

K9 Konnection will have an adoption booth set-up @ the outdoor community event. Stop by to see the pooches who are awaiting their furever homes or possibly become a foster to one of their precious pooches!

For more information or to schedule an appointment @ the shelter, please contact: 928-232-2611.


Heeling Heelers Hearts

Heeling Heelers Hearts is a non-profit organization, founded in 2015, they are a Phoenix, Arizona Home-Based Rescue for herding dogs. Too often the loud and chaotic nature of traditional rescue facilities present these loyal, intelligent, and dedicated dogs in a negative light and they aren't given a chance to impress their future Forever Homes. Their team is dedicated to rescuing and matching up these incredible dogs with their Forever Homes and healing one heeler's heart at a time!

Heeling Heelers Hearts will have an adoption booth set-up @ the outdoor community event. Stop by to meet some of the heelers that can heal your heart!


For more information about their organization please visit:

paws choose us.JPG

Paws Choose Us

PAWS Choose Us is an online pet shop and supplies. They provide the ultimate pet shopping experience by providing you with everything you need to give your pet the best most healthy lifestyle possible. They sell organic CBD products for pets, all-natural farm-raised chews, and human-grade food options, so you and your pets will enjoy your lifelong companionship. "Paws Choose Us" because they only carry organic products that are healthy and beneficial for your furbabies. They don't add any chemicals or preservatives to any of their products, because they truly care about all of their furbabies and yours. Unlike the FDA, they do NOT think of furbabies as "Property" and carea bout what they consume. 

Paws Choose Us will have a vendor booth set-up @ the outdoor community event. They'll be selling a large variety of organic food & treat products for your 4-legged pooches. For more information about all of their products please visit:

hoodoo brew logo.jpg

Hoodoo Brew

Hoodoo Brew is a delicious locally owned & operated full service mobile coffee camper that offers a wide variety of espresso drinks, plant-based energy drinks, lemonade & more!

Sara will be parked @ the outdoor community event serving up her most yummy concoctions! You don't want to miss these tasty treats! 

To see her regular menu please visit:

PNW squeezed.JPG

PNW Squeezed

PNW Squeezed is a locally owned & operated mobile food vendor. Run by a mother/daughter duo, these ladies aim to please your palates with fresh & healthy options. From smoothies, to sandwiches, to salads & fresh squeezed juices there's something on the menu for everyone!

Vanessa will be parked @ the outdoor community event serving up the freshest of ingredients to keep your tummy's feeling happy & full! For more information about her services please visit:

rowan pearls apothecary pic.jpg

Rowan Pearl's Magickal Apothecary

Rowan has several degrees, certificates and diplomas. They include: A.S. Business Management from Purdue University; Diploma Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Certificates Holistic Nutrition, Life Coach, Urban Farming and Conscious Living from SWIHA; and B.S. Healthy Lifestyles Coaching from ASU. Her day work is in the pharmaceutical industry since 2002 where she is also certified.

Rowan Pearl's Magickal Apothecary LLC has undergone rebranding since 2014 and expanded into what it is now. While no medical advice is ever given, Rowan always wants to help others. Her business is a place of Spirituality, Healing, Peace, and Wellness. Everyone heals in their own way. Some use exercise, some meditate, some are collectors; there is no one way to heal. People find Spirituality, peace, and wellness in a variety of ways. Rowan is here to provide experience, guidance, coaching, and support to you in the way you feel you need it best. "You know you. Do not ever let anyone take that away from you and do not believe anyone who says you can't, because YOU CAN!"

Rowan will have a vendor booth set-up @ the outdoor community event where she'll be selling resin items, crystals/stones, oils & other health & wellness remedies to meet your needs! For more information about her products & services please visit:

img_1_1675570617055 (1) (1)-modified.png

Tara Rose

Tara Rose serves a wide range of clients but has a primary focus on helping other healers and artists as a transformational life coach, Reiki Master teacher, intuitive healer, kambo practitioner and holistic herbalist. She is a passionate nature lover who lives in an RV full time and is based near Wickenburg, AZ, for the fall through late spring, though she also works remotely by phone. She is also an author, speaker and host of the Green Goddess podcast. 

Tara will have a vendor booth set-up outdoors @ our community event offering information about her services, as well as providing intuitive guidance to those who stop by! For more information about her books & services please visit her website:

meg essentials pic.jpg


MegEssentials offers healing tools to help restore calm, peace and balance for yourself or your environment with the use of chi enhancing orgonite devices (similar in concept to “solid Reiki”) and high vibrational crystals and oils.

Items Meggie handcrafts, from cleansing sprays created in conjunction with the lunar cycle, to roll on oil blends to Reikied diffuser jewelry or gemstone kits all contribute to supporting and balancing your natural state of being.

Meggie will have a vendor booth set-up @ the outdoor community event where she'll be selling all of her high-quality handcrafted healing products from orgonite, to jewelry, to crystals/stones & more! For more information about her products please visit:

cosmic orphan pic_edited.jpg

Cosmic Orphan

  • Instagram

Cosmic Orphan is a newly growing local business transplanted from the island of O'ahu, showcasing original t-shirt designs & handmade mala beads, jewelry and dreamcatchers. Its founder Sheila Beverley, is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, offering free-spirited pieces inspired from a blend of a deep appreciation for the spiritual teachings of the Vedas & an innate inclination toward the fun & liberated sides of life.  Featuring shirts that make you smile, jewelry crafted with a mix of natural chords, metals, and colorful touches, & hand-woven dreamcatchers in various styles and sizes.  This small business is a passion project born of creativity, soul, and brought to life by a simple belief in consistent dedication. Focused on being eco-friendly, all inks, paper pieces, bags & wrapping is biodegradable or recyclable. Shirts are printed locally in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint & support other small businesses in our area through our own. Cosmic Orphan offers custom order services for group orders or for events as well.  Appreciation is a cornerstone, & is incorporated throughout the mission of the brand.  


Sheila will have a vendor booth set-up @ the outdoor community event where she'll be showcasing all of her original creations! For more information about her products please follow the Instagram icon above or email:

More Vendors & Healers

Troy Ballard pic.JPG

Troy Ballard

Troy Ballard is the owner of MTB Services Etc., LLC, a Bookkeeping and Consulting service and she has been working as a full-charge bookkeeper for 40 years. In 2015 she left the corporate business world to start a virtual business that focuses on small businesses and their owners.

Troy is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper, and QuickBooks Online Certified annually. She recently completed the Foundation of Finance and Leadership program offered through Wealthvox™ and Leaders Team. She has found that the Color Accounting Learning System™ is a game-changer for business owners in the area of understanding accounting. Accounting is the glue that holds civilization together. Without accounting literacy, people make sub-optimal decisions in their personal and business lives.

Troy will have a vendor booth set-up outdoors @ our community event offering information about her services. For more details about her business please visit her website:

Ted pic.JPG

Ted Harris

Ted Harris is a clairvoyant healer, personal trainer, and yogi. He’s passionate about his clients physical, mental/emotional, and Spiritual health. He uses all of his skills, abilities and knowledge to assist clients on their individual healing journeys. Ted’s tools can assist with: releasing the negative loops of relationships or situations you may be stuck in, identify blocks that prevent you from manifesting and clear them, de-energize trauma, karma, and update agreements, provide hands on qi-healings for cell tissue health, move stagnate energetic causes of physical pain, nutritional counseling & physical conditioning. He also offers classes that teach healthy boundaries, body/mind & Spirit integration & active self-healing processes.

Ted will be offering clairvoyant readings & healings @ the indoor wellness clinic. For more information about his services please visit his website:

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